Bomb for a tsunami

According to the telegraph, the U.S. and New Zealand had secretly underwater super-bomb to create a tsunami.

The tests took place during World War II in the waters around Auckland and New Caledonia. According to the results proved that such a weapon is quite real, and it can fulfill its purpose. To create a tsunami thirty-three feet, able to flood a small town, rather a series of ten large explosions.

As part of a top secret operation, known as «Project Seal», was tested "apocalyptic devices", which was seen as a possible opponent of nuclear bombs. During the tests, it was about 3,700 bombs exploded near New Caledonia, as well as on the peninsula Vangaparaoa near Oakland.

For information about these plans collected author and film director from New Zealand Ray Waru, who has studied the archive materials of the war. According to him, if it was not a nuclear bomb, in the form in which we know it, we could become a "tsunami."

He notes that the idea of developing weapons of mass destruction by the tsunami came to New Zealand, and, to all appearances, it has been successfully implemented, reaching a phase when the new weapon could fulfill its goals. If you believe the words of an American naval officer, EA Gibson, the project started in 1944. Explosions used to clean the coral reefs near the islands of the Pacific. Sometimes the waves were so big that no one questioned the possibility of creating a "bomb-tsunami."

According Waru, the results of the first tests were successful, but still in the early 1945, the project turned. While still in the 1950s, there were reports about experiments on the authorities of New Zealand. The experts noted that the creation of a powerful tsunami is not enough of a powerful explosion, you will need about two million pounds of explosives, which must be laid in a line about five miles from the coast.

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