Britain is preparing for the apocalypse, and the invasion of zombies

In the case of an apocalypse caused by the onset of the armies of the undead, officials will coordinate the military, and the development of plans to combat the invasion of zombies will be engaged in the cabinet, said the representative of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

The Ministry of Defence does not intend to attack zombies or struggle with the consequences, because this role to the Cabinet of Ministers, which coordinates emergency planning. Details about the amazing willingness of the British authorities came in response to a citizen.

The Ministry of Defence said: "In the event of an apocalyptic event (such as the invasion of zombies), actions for recovery and return to England, her former glory and greatness will be headed by the Cabinet Office and, therefore, any pre-planning activities should also be made there. The role of the Ministry in this case will be the provision of military assistance to civil authorities, and not to take the initiative. Thus, the Ministry of Defence has no information on this issue. "

The army has repeatedly come to the rescue and save people in apocalyptic zombie movie. For example, to save the hero, the soldiers come in the nick of time in the Simon Pegg comedy "Shaun of the Dead."

This is not the first time that public authorities provide answers to queries about zombies.

Last year, the city council of Leicester was forced to admit that he had no specific drugs to combat the invasion of zombies, although local authorities stressed that will involve the plans developed in case of disaster. Bristol City Council has gone a step further, when its representative asked that the city government will do when the undead begin to rage in the West.

A senior official said that there is a special document classified as "top secret" and it will determine the strategy for "zombie pandemic." The staff said that the government would use code words in the radio and television to warn people that the attack began.

Bristol City Council representative said that being the purchase of equipment needed to fight the undead. He added: "stun guns and protective clothing, if necessary, will receive all the inhabitants of the city."

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