Britain this winter predicts death from cold to 35,000 of its citizens

Experts predict a dramatic increase in deaths related to cold, because one of the coldest winters of the century, when Britain dies every hour 12 people.

Britons face higher payment for energy, and this winter the number of deaths related to cold can grow up to 35 thousand people.

There are also fears that, because of frost-mail may not reach in time their target.

Forecasters say that on Christmas Day the temperature could drop to record levels, it would be risky for vulnerable people.

Charities warn that pensioners are suffering in "Dickensian" conditions, and are forced to travel on buses, just to stay warm.

With increasing energy prices, millions of Britons are forced off the heating in homes.

Leading forecaster at Positive Weather Solutions Jonathan Powell says ice is again expected in the middle of next week, after a brief thaw over the weekend. He said that the drop in temperature may even beat the record-27.2C, which was at Braemar in 1982 — it was the coldest temperature in Britain.

Studies show that the decrease in temperature of one degree leads to 200 heart attacks. People aged between 74 and 84 years, who already had heart problems, are most vulnerable.

Last year the number of deaths related to cold weather reached nearly 28,000 in four months, sparking talk that the UK is the highest number of deaths from the cold in Northern Europe.

Neil Duncan-Jordan, of the National Pensioners Convention, said: "the rising cost of bills and severe weather will have on older people a lot of pressure, and we believe that the death rate compared to last year, nine people per hour can be achieved this year, 12 people in the hour.

"It is a scandal that the death rate is so great."


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