Came to hire a new Russian cartoon

On November 15 in Russian cinemas can see the new full-length Russian cartoon, designed for an adult audience. "The Good Soldier Schweik" created on the novel by Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek. 

In 2012, 100 years to the popular literary hero of the First World War — The Good Soldier Schweik. Despite the fact that the novel by Jaroslav Hasek's contemporaries predicted early oblivion, stories from the life of his subjects Austro-Hungarian Empire was the response of our fellow countrymen and during World War II, and in 90 years, and in modern Russia.

Directed cartoon Rinat Gazizov offered his version of the end of the story Jaroslav Hasek did not have time to finish (he died in 1923). The basis of the original version of the finale was taken historical fact of so-called "Christmas truce". In 1914, the soldiers of the two armies cease hostilities in order to celebrate Christmas.
Filmmakers referred to as the adult audience, which has long been known and loved by a cheerful Schweik, and to the teenagers for whom cartoon could be the first acquaintance with the now-classic story of the adventures.

The main character voiced by Yuri Stoyanov, known to viewers from the transfer of "town." Other pictures of the characters voices say Gosha Kutsenko, Paul Smetankina and others.

The film lasting 77 minutes was over more than five years. The project represents the studio "Art Production" with the participation of "Yalta-Film." The music for "The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik," wrote the singer and composer Arkady Ukupnik.

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