Castro and Belarus: black memories

Raul Castro, the chairman of the Council of State and Government of Cuba, has a desire to re-visit Belarus. This was reported today by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parylya country. He is on an official visit to Minsk, where he was received by Alexander Lukashenko.

"I came here with the request of Raul Castro, who has expressed a desire to visit Minsk in the near future" — said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Today, not many of you probably remember the tragic consequences of Raul Castro's first visit to Belarus. December 26, 1976 after he was hunting in the Bialowieza Forest got on a plane and flew to Warsaw and from there home. A car in which were then chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR Fedor Surganov and Aviation commander of the Belarusian Military District, General Leonid Beda, took a course from Brest to Minsk.

The fact happened on that day, "Freedom" in its time the chairman of the club "Spadchina" Anatoly Bely:

"There was a terrible ice storm. Walked in front of the bus with tourists in Lviv region. Well, not so much with tourists, but with people who knew that here, in Belarus, you can purchase more goods and cheaper. And the bus wanted to overtake the tractor went ahead. And he turned around and put across the road. Well, Surganov and others raced at high speed in a car. And they crashed into the bus. "

And Surganov trouble and died in the crash.

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