Catches of commercial fish grown in the Novosibirsk region in 2012 increased by almost a factor of 2

According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Novosibirsk region, the volume of marketable production of farmed fish in 2012 in the region increased by almost a factor of 2, reported the provincial government.

Fisheries for sale in contrast to the usual fishing involves growing and farming in small ponds and lakes where fish inspires specifically with a view to its subsequent sale. As the head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Yuri Marchenko, in 2012 the catch of marketable fish grown in the Novosibirsk region exceeded 601 ton. It is 1.8 times more than in 2011, while fish farmers cultivated area was 332 tons of marketable fish.

Of the total commercial fish farmed more than 522 tons of carp, carp — 52 tons, and peled pelchir — 22.5 tons, grass carp and silver carp — almost 4 tons.

The region has implemented a serious public support of commercial fish farming. In particular, fish farmers, buying fish fry to release it in the reservoirs may be eligible for compensation of 50% of the purchase price of stocking material. In addition, for organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in this area, provided compensation for 20% of the cost of reclamation activities carried out in the fish ponds, 50% of the cost of acquiring the technology and equipment for the implementation of commercial fish farming, 10% refund of the paid insurance premiums under insurance loss of commercial fish and farmed fish seed. Special support measures provided for hatcheries.

Novosibirsk region has a unique lake Fund. The region is about 4,000 lakes with a total area of 558 hectares. For this indicator, the region ranks third in the Russian Federation, second only to Tyumen and Murmansk regions. According to experts more than 1,000 lakes are suitable for conducting commercial fish farming. Typically, this medium and small lakes.

Lowering the water level in the reservoirs in the summer of 2012, and the low temperatures in winter have led to a deterioration of the oxygen regime of water bodies. This has a negative impact on fish inhabiting them. To prevent kill phenomena department is working with the users of fishing grounds for the aeration basins (the implementation of measures to saturate them with oxygen). Such work, in particular, involve drilling holes, slotting lanes, installation of aerators, clearing of snow and ice, etc.

The most extensive work carried out on the Lake Chany. Back in October-November 2012, LLC "Kupinsky fish factory" carried out dredging in the central duct between Lake Chany Lake and wintering pond Yarkul. As a result of the fish to freeze time to migrate to the lake Yarkul that prevented her death.

Today, the user of fishing grounds also recommended the organization of an artificial aeration of the water area of the lake. Small tubs, by placing small tug boats to create a hole in the ice (large sections of ice-water) that will saturate the water with oxygen.

Continuing efforts to prevent the death of fish in the lake Inder Dovolensky district. The user of the reservoir JSC "Novosibirsk fish factory", in November 2012 it has established 11 aerators (devices for oxygenation), and in February 2013 the company added another 5 aerators. The same user has started installing aerators on the most problematic areas of the Novosibirsk reservoir.

Active work on drilling holes in small bodies of water users deployed fishing grounds and amateur fishermen. In the very well today often inserted reeds, which allows oxygen to enter the water even after freezing wells. According to preliminary estimates have been drilled in waters about 10 thousand wells.

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