Catches of salmon in Kamchatka in 2012, almost 2 times higher than the performance record in 2010

Kamchatka fishing enterprises have extracted from the beginning of the fishing season for more than 75 thousand tons of fish salmon — almost two times more than in the 2010 fishing season, according to the Government of the Kamchatka Territory.

In 2010, during the same period were caught 40,000 tonnes of salmon.

Traditionally, the main approaches of salmon to the west coast of Kamchatka observed in even-numbered years, to the east — in the odd. Putin in 2010 up to the present time was considered a record.


"Number of the approaching fish to the shore beyond the capacity of processing, which to date involved 63 of the vessel. Most of them — Kamchatka. Daily processing at sea is about 3 tons. According to preliminary information, about two dozen ships have to come from other areas fishing, as well as from Primorye and Magadan, "- said the Minister of Fisheries Kamchatka Vladimir Galitsin.

According to him, the main focus of the processing is done on-shore company. If the West Coast in 2008, coastal enterprises processed 51 million tons, in 2010 — 83,000 tons, in 2012 the volume of processing should reach 100,000 tons of total volume of fish caught (and it is a big part of the resource).

Along the eastern coast of the results as positive.

"We have 4 times increased quotas for pink. Starting volume was 4.3 million tons. Today it is nearly 18,000 tons," — said Galitsin.

Continues to record calls salmon in Kuril Lake. In the lake was missed more than 1 million individuals of fish. Good approaches, there are also fish in the rivers of Kamchatka and the Great

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