Catherine Ashton condemned the verdict Parfiankou

Statement by the High representative of EU foreign and security policy in relation to the imposition of the sentence activist campaign headquarters Vladimir Neklyaeva Basil Parfiankou:

"I deeply regret in connection with the conviction of the Belarusian court on Feb. 17 to four years a member of the electoral headquarters of the former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva g Parfiankou, Who took part in the demonstrations that took place after the presidential elections.

Political motives have no place in the judicial process.

Belarus should take into account the commitments made by the OSCE, and in accordance with international standards of democracy, the rule of law and Human Rights.

The European Union continues to closely monitor the post-election situation in Belarus, including the ships that pass, and will continue to make efforts for the release and rehabilitation of all prisoners for political reasons.

Moreover, I urge the Belarusian authorities to ensure a fair and open trial of all persons indicted for their role in the presidential election on December 19 2010, in including for taking part in post-election demonstrations. "

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