CEO of Danone in Russia presented a draft of a new plant in Tyumen region

Presentation of the project held Yves Legros, CEO of "Danone" in Russia. According to him, the production will be based on dairy factory "Yalutorovski" and the investment will be about 2.8 billion.

In terms of funding from the "Danone" new plant will be the second in the world (after the U.S.) and the first in Europe. At MK "Yalutorovski" will be produced products such as cheese desserts "Danissimo" yogurt "assets" and curd "Buttermilk".

In Russia, like the production of the company until there is only one company — in the suburbs.

The commissioning of the new facilities will allow "Danone" to "step to the East", which is one of the priorities of the company.

As explained Yves Legros, the choice of the Tyumen region as a new investment platform was made for several reasons. First, the role played convenient location, allowing to adjust deliveries to the Urals, Siberia and even Central Asia. Second, is of great importance and policy authorities on the development of the dairy industry and improve the quality of milk.

The representative of the "Danone" informed that as a result of the project will be set up not only the production of modern dairy products, but also significantly increase the production capacity of IC "Yalutorovski" — from 500 tons per day of processing up to 1 million tons. Will create over a hundred new jobs.

According to the schedule the first line — for the production of cheese desserts — will be equipped and launched in 2013. Cottage cheese and yogurt will be produced in 2014.

In 2014, as the construction of new wastewater treatment plant that will reduce the negative impact on the environment. In 2014-2015, will reconstruct the department acceptance of milk and erect a new boiler room — modern and safe.

According to Yves Legros, the project company is not only milk processors, but also producers. "Danone" is in need of quality raw materials for production, so tends to attract the cooperation of farmers and specialists.

In particular, this spring launched a program in Tyumen "Dairy Business Academy", which is supported by the regional government in cooperation with the Tyumen Agricultural University of Northern Trans-Urals and Yalutorovski agricultural college.

The course is designed for farmers. 17 of the first graduates weaned in March. Total in 2013-2014 modern methods of feeding and reproduction of livestock managers and specialists will acquire 250 farms. As figured in the company, this will increase in the future milk production by 5%.

The strata of the fall training program of individual farms, which will affect 6,000 people. They read a course on the basics of hygiene and the principles of feeding livestock.

In Yalutorovsk with the assistance of the local agricultural college started a project "Generation Milk", designed for students. In the framework established scholarships and internships organized. A lead students on an excursion to the MC "Yalutorovski."

There are several educational programs — "Healthy School", "The ABC of healthy eating." The first in Russia Tyumentsev take part in the project "Three dairy products per day," which will allow residents of the area to learn all about the benefits of eating dairy products.

1,000 tons of milk every day will be processed at the plant.

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