Scientists around the world are aware of the upcoming change of the poles of the planet Earth. This was first predicted by Japanese scientists 16 years ago. Even before 13 October 1917. was the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd in Fatima (Portugal) with a message of great importance for the future of the human race.

This message contains information about the change of the poles, and planetary catastrophe as the "end of the world" as well as an explanation of the upcoming "solar and lunar miracle" — the appearance of two suns in the sky, and two moons (a phenomenon that is observed when combined with the four-dimensional space ). Fatima message was brought to Rome, but the Catholic Church has decided to keep it secret.

Earth's magnetic field began to weaken 'about 2000 years ago, a sharp drop in its intensity was observed 500 years ago, which has accelerated in the last 50 years, and in 1994 began his powerful fluctuations. South Magnetic Pole is shifted to hundreds, then thousands of kilometers from its standard location. People were constantly experiencing emotional ups and downs. During such periods, should by all means to keep the peace on the planet. Frequent road, air and railway disaster. Magnetic cards are worthless. Birds, guided by magnetic lines of the Earth in your flight, landing, not where should and whales, seals and dolphins are beaching. There is so-called "frequency noise" — is the wave coming from the planet ("heartbeat" — the rhythm of the earth) with a specific frequency 7.8 Hz. It was so stable for a long time that the military set up their instruments on it. However, this rate started to increase: in 1994 — 8.6 — Hertz, in 1999 — 11.2, and at the end of 2000 — about 12 Hertz.

It is assumed that when the "frequency noise" to reach 12 Hz, there is a change of the poles. When the shifting of the poles of the planet is approaching and there is a pronounced fluctuations of the electromagnetic field, there is a strong emotional instability in the behavior of the population.

Change of poles on the planet happens about every 13,000 years, resulting in a global planetary catastrophe and loss of consciousness in living beings (wipe). This is due to the cycle of precession of the equinoxes, the period of which is about 26 000 years (more precisely 25,920 years). After passing the point of closest approach and the maximum distance of the solar system relative to the center of our galaxy, which corresponds to a half period of the cycle, the Earth is just a change of the poles. During this time, the Earth's axis describes a circle for all twelve constellations of the Zodiac Signs (while e Each approximately 2,100 years).

Now our galaxy and Earth is at the junction of the two eras. August 11. In 1999 there was a solar eclipse ("End of the World") and "Parade of the Planets", ends era of mankind Fifth Race in the dense physical body and the birth of humanity begins sixth race, which will have a subtle spiritual bodies. This marked a quantum transition of our planet, galaxy and universe to a new quantum level of existence, and, along with them, and the whole of humanity, as an integral part. This transition occurs every 5,125 years, when there is a "parade of planets." In this case, all the planets line up in a line, and then they separate and form a tunnel that passes unimpeded momentum amendments from the sun to our planet. Due to this momentum is a quantum jump, pole shift, a change in slope of axes of rotation and other parameters of all the planets in the Solar System.

When Earth reaches a critical point of the precession, in which there is a change, everything begins to fall apart. The reason for this — the magnetic field of our planet, we use to understand ourselves. This store our memories (information). In this sense, we are like computers. We need a magnetic field for data processing and storage, even for a temporary power outage computer all his memory erased, since it disappears supporting the electromagnetic field.

Similarly there and erase the memory of man the displacement of poles. 8 full-moon day, and the day before and the day after, the crime rate increases: murder, rape and robbery are increasing. This is because the moon causes the "bubble" the magnetic field of the Earth. These "bubbles" are tearing energy links and make unbalanced and emotional people to cross the brink of what is permitted.

The last change of the poles occurred about 13,000 years ago and led to the death before us civilization of Atlantis. (Fourth Race). From a scientific point of view — is a global catastrophe, which may be transient and terrible in its consequences. Strong of its display will begin when the polarity of the magnetic poles of the Earth, which will lead to a shift of the Earth's axis, the movement of continents, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and abrupt climate change.

Accumulated over many centuries, the ice in Greenland, the North Pole and Antarctica, having a very large 'mass can move earth platforms to the equator the centrifugal and gravitational forces.

Just when the immediate change of the poles? According to various sources (contactors, visionaries, etc.) this particular time point, presumably — in December 2012. For example, the ancient Mayan calendar (which affects the accuracy of the amazing modern scholars) ends December 21, 2012. The last entry in the calendar, "Next time, no." "And he swore that liveth for ever and ever … that time no longer." "Revelation" John the Theologian also speaks of this (chapter 10, verse 6). There is no indication of the date, but says this particular phenomenon — the lack of time.

We are now just going through this process of change of the poles, known by many as the predictions of the "Apocalypse" or "End of the World." The process of changing the poles of our planet is under way since 2000 and will continue until December 2012. In 2013 Land finally enters the constellation of Aquarius.

It is known that our memory is connected and supported Earth's electromagnetic field. When changing the pole will be a period of three days, when the field is completely gone. Because the

that the memory of the former inhabitants of Atlantis was wiped offset poles (actually all knowledge has been lost), they returned to barbarism and were forced to turn to his survival instincts, though before that civilization was at a very high level of development (using flying objects with gravitational engines laser systems, etc.). It was some time before people gained the ability to develop.

At the time of the change of the poles of the planet Earth will temporarily disable the electromagnetic field of the planet — and the reversal as a result — with the destruction of the first to the seventh level of crystal lattices of energy fields of consciousness of the Earth. Because the memory of man and machines are due to the electromagnetic field of the Earth, at the time of such a reversal will erase the memory of man (the standard of living of human memory will be erased at the newborn child) and erasing computer software and all information on the media for all computers on Earth . This is a serious problem and a threat to the life of humans because of the failure of computers that control the military installations and nuclear power plants, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Reversal will lead to the displacement of the North and South Poles to the Equator, which will cause instant melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctica, and rising to 77 meters of sea level (Flood), warned about a scientist in the television program "Week disaster." Such a flood occurs regularly every 5125 years (remember the information in the Bible about Noah's Ark). Sphinx in Egypt (his age served isotopic analysis of 5.5 million years) has a layered structure, as has been repeatedly filled with water and was at the bottom of the sea. In his time at the North Pole, scientists have discovered mammoth with green grass in the stomach, indicating that instant death, which occurred because of the change of the poles. From this it becomes clear and caused the extinction of dinosaurs ° — immediate environmental disaster. Who is not going to happen, and the planetary catastrophe of the Flood.

Under the influence of cosmic energies coming from all life on our planet will be a mutation (in humans — transmutation). On Earth, this transition began on 11 August 1999 and will run until December 19, 2012.

Humanity has reached the period when 1.5 billion people are ready to make a shift of consciousness in the direction of four-dimensional space. They are fully aware that you can not continue to live like this, it is necessary to move to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Now, many are at a crossroads: either develop further deadlock technocratic way, until the end of the planet to destroy and be destroyed themselves, or go to the spiritual level of awareness and develop further without destroying and body healthy and restoring the ecology of consciousness and their habitat.

To go to the next level requires that the Earth was about 169,000 Christlike beings that will have such a strong influence on other people, that the entire population of the world will gain a higher level of consciousness through a single planetary field Conscious Humanity (Vernadsky called the field biosphere of the Earth). The inhabitants of Atlantis disappeared were from the Fourth Race, we are representatives of the Fifth Race, whose evolution is over. After the transition in 2013 in the world in the fourth overtone of four-dimensional space are only the representatives of the sixth race.

Transition to the four-dimensional high-frequency radiation from the help of the Cosmos, which have been intensively increase since 2000. These radiations of the sun, the Earth, other planets in the Solar System and the Galaxy as a whole, were transferred sacred codes necessary for spiritual awakening and evolution 'jump. Some people will not be able to tolerate this radiation and die during the transition due to its low vibration, and the spiritual, physical health (peeled), people will take this transition freely.

Replaced by the era of Reincarnation when the immortal soul is transmigrating from one body to another, comes the era of Immortality. Cycle of reincarnation ends and in a cosmic mutation human body as the soul, becomes immortal.

Under the action coming from the cosmos cosmic radiation the ozone layer around the Earth is gradually disappearing. The direct effect of cosmic rays increases, so all life is a mutation (alteration). The man is the transmutation of the physical, emotional, mental and other bodies, which is accompanied by an "incomprehensible" illness (malaise), chronic fatigue syndrome, new unknown diseases accompanied by fever (combustion residues) and the restructuring of all body systems.

Transmutation — a complex physiological process that occurs at the level of molecules, atoms and microleptons cells. In humans, there will be changes that will result in a new state of the body and allow it to go to the food energy of the cosmos (Energobioz). With this restructuring of the body need for food will gradually decrease and then disappear completely. This is due to the fact that all sources of energy on the planet (food, water, air) environmentally contaminated and will be the salvation of humanity is that people eventually recover from it all and move to energy power directly from space.

First in the world will be space mutation, after which the cells of the body, has successfully passed the mutation, will be laid to the program code of the form man of the Sixth Race, which will replace the Fifth Race. Activation of the matrix with the programs of the Fifth Race started from September 13, 1999. Each of you can get the code and become a man of a new civilization — the sixth race. For this we need to rise spiritually, that is, to recognize herself a part of the universe, get the Cosmic Consciousness.

At the time of the change of the poles is great transition. Essence of the lower worlds (inframiry) is given the opportunity to rise to the higher worlds, and the person to the level of God-Man. The task of every reasonable person to help these entities to adapt in this space (to help them evolve and train them to respect the laws of the new space.) That is why we are seeing this change in the form of degradation of the population on the physical plane. Now there are some people who say, "Put me in jail, I do not know how to do, I will be there to feed for free." Essence inframirov bring elements and attributes of their world into our physical world (ragged hippie, punk, metal, pop singers are low, the homeless, the poor, etc.). They come into our world: an unwillingness to work honestly, theft, violence, fear, murder, fashion tattoos, clothing with symbols of death, in the form of hoof boots feature etc. If a reasonable person would teach them to follow the laws of the positive space, then he can become a victim of the lower beings (degrade).

If a person learns to create around himself autonomous multi torsion shields bioplasma of Spiritual Love, Fire and Light, he will be able to protect their

erase from memory and move on to a new stage of evolution in the four-dimensional space. However, the manifestation of aggression, fear and low desires, Man

automatically "falls" in three-dimensional space. If there is no defense, the most valuable — Memory Man (whether he is a businessman or academic) will be erased, ie will be a "clean sheet of paper", in memory of a newborn baby, and even worse — will be replaced by an intuitive memory of past lives (reincarnation). On the physical plane a man is a mental hospital patient. He forgets the names of objects

can not speak, and he will have to re-learn everything. Clearly, such an individual would not be in any benefit to society. Now there are many people, in part or completely lost his memory (a kind of epidemic of amnesia). Modern medicine does not know what the reason, can not explain these phenomena, much less cure the victims.

Each of us has a choice:

1. Or from memory erased in the next 13 000 years to re-run evolution (from zero to gain information), through many incarnations, again for humanity Fifth Race, of which we are members.

2. Or, save our planet, to protect her and himself, to rise spiritually and to move from the level of the Soul, the levels of the Spirit — the next evolutionary stage of the Incarnation Sixth and higher races.

Unfortunately, time is not, and everyone deserves that fate, which corresponds to the level of his consciousness!

So now, our Planet purposefully and rapidly approaching the most important moment of his spiritual transformation. This process is closely associated with the spiritual enlightenment of humanity and output it to a new level of Cosmic Mind. Terms Spiritual transformation associated with the events of universal proportions. The Transfiguration not mean the destruction and our world will be transmuted into reality more subtle vibrations four-dimensional space. However, since in our universe has laws of free will and freedom of choice, no one can do nothing to help those who choose to continue to remain in the illusion of our three-dimensional world, not paying attention to their spiritual development. Only a matter of years before the end of the quantum transition in December 2012, according to the divine plan of accelerated evolution humans. At this point, one should increase the frequency of its vibrations to 55-89 Hz, which will 'be the minimum spiritual level buddhic plane, so that it can safely move into a new space of the Golden Age.

We have to live not only for themselves but also for others to do good and to be honest in their thoughts. Operating time of spiritual potential is now the main task of improving — the basic principle of the universe.

Compassion for others, love for one's neighbor — is all you need for your own perfection. Do not aspire to wealth and luxury, this is ridiculous when deciding the fate of mankind. Our zamaterializovannost a hindrance to the development of spirituality.

Currently, the powerful energies of all kinds come from the center of our galaxy and universe, and create the conditions for dynamic instability of all types of fields on the planet Earth, as, indeed, our entire solar system. Critical situation in which the transformation

Earth and humanity can happen at any time. What people call "end of the world", has already begun to happen much more quickly than many expect. — The physical material world is rapidly and steadily crumbling, and with it the decay of life in the last human civilization, people with physical bodies. In place of human civilization-destroyers in the transforming Mother Earth very soon begin to develop a new evolutionary level of civilization — People Creators, People-Creators. All of you are now living on this planet, is not only witnessed this historic moment, but also direct participants. It is time to realize that the time in which we all now live in — this is the most "end of time", and to put it more precisely — the end of time that precedes the immediate outcome of many billions of consciousness from outside the three-dimensional reality and go to all the people living in the four space.

Now if people can not at least partially reduce the devastating tornado own destructive sensory-cognitive activity, the whole earth will be delivered in such extreme energy conditions after of which the dimensions and consequences of disasters experienced by us, no one will have to evaluate. Inevitably a wave of disasters will take several hundreds of millions of human lives from the physical plan of the Earth. Incurable diseases and environmental pollution of environment that accompany disasters occur, will carry more than one billion people. Nearly half a billion people could be destroyed in numerous wars with weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological and even nuclear). This is our short term, if we do not change spiritually and stop destroying ourselves.

Map of the World in a few years will be transformed beyond recognition: many states 80vse disappear, while others continue a miserable existence, becoming the state's leading death struggle for physical survival, and world domination. Huge global changes will affect almost all corners of the world, where for thousands of years have accumulated multilayer 'education destructive energy of varying quality and level. These places — festering sores on the body of the Earth. Fiery Light of Transfiguration can not save no money, no power, no underground bunkers, but only spiritually. In the new world can not be transformed to penetrate the lower consciousness or for some contracts and contacts, for no pay some do not realize that this is the same "End of the World", which they feared, and it is already here.

Perhaps, after receiving this information, many will actively cooperate with the spiritual center and the forces of Good Will, stop, finally, its useless to try to reach fuss wealth and to look in their hearts to the spiritual realm, though, as a rule, people with all sorts of neglect predictions and hopes for a "maybe." But the "destruction programs" in the lives of people and are recorded and the aura, if not to work for their neutralization. Sooner or later, they work. History remembers the death of "Titanic," which predicted and tried to prevent one person who declared insane and sent to prison.

Planetary catastrophe may be transient and terrible in its consequences. It can start when the polarity of the magnetic poles of the Earth. This will lead to the displacement of continents, shifting the Earth's axis, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and abrupt climate change, which will be linked to the precarious situation of the Earth. Accumulated over many centuries in Greenland ice at the North Pole and Antarctica, having a very large mass, can move the platform to the earth equator by centrifugal and gravitational forces (already received information that a huge sheet of ice melted in the ocean around the North Pole and formed a real strait width of 1.6 km.). Of these disasters can not be saved, even in flat areas of the planet. At the same time, Moscow could be in the equatorial and the temperature may briefly rise above 100 degrees Celsius. Another danger lies in wait for Moscow — the numerous karst caves in town, and the void created by pumping artesian water for the city (Moscow literally "floats" in the middle of a huge underground lake). When pessimistic, forecasts the whole town could fall entirely in the caves and cavities.

Economic and financial (crisis of the financial system in Russia August 18, 1998), social, political and other structures are gradually falling, as they are supported only by people. When people lose control of himself, everything begins to crumble to pieces. As a rule, the shift of the poles and Consciousness occurs simultaneously. 5-6 hours before the shift will be observed visual phenomena. Three-dimensional and four-dimensional space will interpenetrate each other and interact. Dimensional consciousness will gradually recede, and we will enter a new level of consciousness. When the three-dimensional crystal lattice begins to break down, disappear all the objects created from artificial materials. This is one of the reasons why we can not find traces of previous civilizations. Only things made of natural materials (stone, wood, etc.) that are in resonance with the vibrations of the earth (for example, the Pyramids or structures, such as Stonehenge), can survive pole shift that has repeatedly happened. They persist even when all other objects are literally swept off the face of the Earth. When synthetic objects begin to disappear, burst upon the four-dimensional objects. Gain unprecedented nature of color and form.

The arrival of new cosmic energies (quantum leap) will not only shift the poles, but the destruction of the old structures of crystal lattices of Consciousness (memory) of the planet Earth. This process is exacerbated by nuclear weapons (for example, during the testing of nuclear weapons), accidents at nuclear power plants in the world and going mental and psychotronic warfare.

All this leads to a deterioration of the Earth's environment and additional breakdowns of its crystal lattice in many places. As a result, as in the times of Atlantis, open space-time levels, which is why the spirits of other planes that have no place in the world, millions of Loads of our world. It blew all the veils of protection and ours, the planet has become a mad world. Sufficient to analyze the news of the day and the transfer of "Week of accidents" on TV. In America — tornadoes and fires. In Japan, earthquake, hurricane and typhoon. In-China and Primorsky Krai — floods. 8 Kaliningrad, Saratov — fires. Nuclear accident (Chernobyl, Japan, USA, etc.). Death submarine "Komsomolets" and "Kursk". Bombings in Moscow and other Russian cities. As well as the criminalization of society on the planet (international terrorism), etc.
All this added impact on our psyche thousands panicked, screaming beings from other dimensions (in the language of our measurements — demons) endowed with powers of telepathy and telekinesis, which are carried not only through the planet's atmosphere, and in the brain itself, body, soul and the Spirit of Earth's inhabitants. I will dwell in the body of earthlings, such entities cause deformation of consciousness or the human body, according to its structure, which leads to psychological and physical deformities. Not a very funny picture, especially when you consider that the person begins to see visions and hear voices of strangers, which is a consequence of the obsession (replanting astral entities) and which sometimes provoke him to commit suicide, insanity or other mental disorders. Modern psychiatry can not currently account for these phenomena.

The destruction of the crystal lattice of Consciousness (memory) leads to the destruction of the Earth and erase the memory of the people.

On 7 August 2000, A. Nevzorov telecast was shown a lot of people dropped out of life, lost memory and Nepomnyashchikh his personality. During the examination, under hypnosis, was installed, complete memory loss (amnesia) at certain time intervals. America has spent more than $ 80 million to protect computers from erasing the memory ("computer zero effect in 2000"), Russia — about $ 3 million. Fears were not unfounded — this effect took place. On 16 and 19 September 1999 in Moscow on the Leningrad highway "stuck" all the household and bank computers. Research has shown that the reasons for this were partly erased boot program the computers. Teachers and many schools and institutions, at this point, noted in his temporary blackouts, despite their professional training (he knew his subject by heart).

At the break of the crystal lattice of Consciousness Earth we see recurring accidents, break oil and gas pipelines, aircraft crashes and other disasters.
In the lexicon of inspectors road service firmly established the term "negative geopathic zone", as an area of high risk, and even abroad, there is a special road sign exhibited in places repetitive accidents.

In the transition from one constellation to another correspondingly reduced influence of the first and beginning to dominate the second.

At the moment, we are moving from the constellation of Pisces in the constellation Aquarius. For a man it means a quantum transition from the level of Rights (Fifth Race, the third dimension) to the level of God-Man (sixth race, the fourth dimension). The fourth dimension is characterized by the fact that all our thoughts will instantly materialize. For a man who has not learned to think positively, it will be a living hell (all his fears and concerns become a reality). So now most needed schools, teaching positive thinking and spirituality.

As soon as a drop in the magnetic field, the Earth as it disappears for you, and you will find yourself in the Great Void. The duration of this "glitch" is 3.5 days. Then life will return, but at the level of the fourth harmonic four-dimensional space. You will find yourself in a whole new world, whose existence until then you had no idea, although I have been there many times you (in a dream, for example). But your memory of it usually erased. Most people make this transition at an unconscious level, that is, through the death and birth. In this case, you will be like a child who does not have any idea about the things themselves, or of their color. Entering into a new world, first you can not understand anything, but there you will meet two creatures — the mother and father (your new parents) who, like you, and will protect you. Once you enter the fourth overtone, you will need about two years to grow and become mature. Then you go to the fifth overtone. A conscious transition in four-dimensional space (in the security field of Love), people keep their adult body and memory (knowledge and self-awareness). There you'll be much the same. as now, but completely naked. Clothes do not get into a new "world with you (artificial things disappear). Here clothes you can instantly materialize from memory (dress according to your taste). Remember the expression: — "What can we build a house, paint, shall live." Anatomical structure of your body will undergo a dramatic change. Your atomic mass is converted into energy. Individual atoms are separated phenomenal distance. Basically, your body will be composed of energy. It will turn into light. Ziolkowski called this condition "Lunistym humanity." In the new world, you will create your "reality own thought forms. Here, your power will be the energy (energobioz) and any desired food you can. instantly materialize.

A necessary condition for staying in the fourth overtone of four-dimensional space is a spiritual, love and ethics, "do no harm" as all that you fear and fear will instantly materialize (snakes, spiders, mice, scorpions, etc.). 'That's why you need to think about peace, love, beauty, harmony. If fear, will go after you in four-dimensional space, you'll be there to create their own reality and instantly find yourself face to face with his undisguised horror in the form of, for example, the killers chasing you. Then you will be in the hands of an instant gun that you shoot your enemy. As soon as the sound. shot, you immediately "fall through" in three-dimensional space, as you will be a collection of your consciousness vibrations of low frequency corresponding to the third overtone of the three-dimensional space (the principle of similarity), in which the relationship between cause and effect are separated in time. Thus, a person of his greed, greed, rage, anger, aggression, violence, immorality, fear, stress, emotions, depression, condemnation, persecution mania, sadness and other vices will be dropped back into the three-dimensional space, where fully lose memory, become a caveman and will be re-run its evolution. Three-dimensional space — the perfect place to create constraints and make the sacrifice of consciousness that develops in the inevitable sacrifices that a person who refuses to see that he creates his own reality, and believe that everything happens to him against his will (his people, thoughts and actions he creates around him hell or heaven). Thus, in four-dimensional space, the quality of thinking will play paramount. This refers to Jesus Christ, speaking of purity of thought, love, unity and caring for others.

You last, the people of the Fifth Race, who incarnated on Earth in the dense physical body. All children who are born in the present time after August 1, 1999, are the first of the human race that will live in the Sixth Race. They should learn from us. They know more than we do, and will help us in the transition process. His incarnation you must fate that has prepared for you a better fate. Your happiness is in your hands! Everyone on the planet has a chance to become a man of the New Era, the owner of superpowers, as compared to those which you have now. From each need only the fact that he believed in what was going to believe in what he may become a man of the New Era. New Sixth Race is more perfect. Its harmonious development is defined Creator of the universe. Time for a new civilization has come, for you are its beginning. A new civilization will settle expanses of the Earth and the universe. You'll be able to see this, if you want.

Sixth Race mankind will become immortal, the cells of the brain will be open to 100%, in contrast to 4.3% at present. Experience and knowledge of past lives are restored. You have to change shape. Your external features will be retained, but the details of each acquire that perfection, which now has a remote concept. The new person will be beautiful ideal beauty. All the people who will be the transmutation will be young. Children get older and older people pomolodeyut 20-30 years. Human growth will be between 170 cm and 300 cm, dark color will not, she posvetleet. Hair — straight or curly as you want. Hair — from light to shatenovyh. Eyes from blue to green. Black and brown eyes brighten. Human form will be brought to perfection, and your opportunities will be unlimited.

People will open extraordinary abilities and talents, which now have only a few. Each person will be the Sixth Race genius. The main acting force in the Sixth Race will not technique, and the energy of Mind, with which he will manage the matter and change it. Humanity will communicate primarily in a language that knows no boundaries — in the language of telepathy., Although the inhabitants of the planet itself will communicate in the same language. Humanity will spacewalk. Field of activity, humanity will become the whole universe.

Be sure to save the male and female, for they are eternal. Personal attachments will be, but they will rise to another level. Contacts on intimate terms remain. Each person will have the opportunity to find their true half.

Ecumenical EN — Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society, winner of the prize. Vernadsky

Report of the International Conference "Traditional medicine Russia — Past. Present. Future", Moscow 2000

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