Changing the measurement and the Great Shift

The great change

Most of the prophets and indigenous peoples around the world are predicting <mighty change> expecting the Earth and humanity. We see this final and concrete change as a change in the measurement of the planet and a new level of existence, the change in human consciousness to Christ consciousness, or Unity Consciousness.

In the last chapter we will look very great change and that understanding of what it is to us. We will focus on the essence of inter-dimensional transition in order to learn from this and make our present life on Earth is the wisdom that will help us to make future changes harmonious. Understanding the transition to another dimension helps to speed up the spiritual growth of the person and possibly more efficient use of the time that we have to live on our beautiful planet.

Interdimensional transition occurs when a planet or other celestial body passes from one dimension to another. In our case it will be a transition from the third to the fourth dimension. The whole planet as a whole, and all who dwell in it will move to a higher level.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas believe that we are on the threshold of the transition from the fourth to the fifth of the world, and this change is preceded by Day of Atonement. The difference in the numbering is because they believe the Great Void separate world, and are counting on this point. Thus, the third dimension in the Melchizedek and the fourth dimension for American Indians — are one and the same.

If you want, you will be able to understand the transformation of the transition to the next level of measurement or the next world. Despite the fact that the transformation is likely to occur very quickly, we can imagine how the changes we have to go. The veil over the events of our world will be raised, and we will get an explanation of why they occur, which in turn will give us the clarity of mind and heart, necessary for transformation.
Description of the transition to the next dimension

On the planets in our galaxy all usually begins with the fall of the magnetic field, which then becomes unstable. This is followed by the destruction of civilization and the later stages. It takes no more than two years, but it usually lasts for three months. Even just being alive is extremely dangerous. Break all the systems that support the existence of civilization, and the world is ruled by chaos. This is the time to which prepares the majority of religious denominations, such as the Mormons. This is a time when we are still in the world of the third dimension, but is ready to make the transition into the fourth dimension.

This is followed by a five-or six-hour period of time immediately prior to the transition. This is a very strange time, when the fourth dimension is moving into the world of the third dimension. And each of us should know what changes are coming.

When the transition really begins, then there is not have any doubts. Specific changes occurring colors and shapes that do not fit into our human consciousness. At the moment we leave the third dimension. Usually at this time shifting the axis of the planet, but we do not know about it, as will find ourselves in a new dimension of space-time. Of course, there are other scenarios, but the above described their usual course.

After passing through the Void, we get into the fourth dimension. Life will change dramatically. Ascension, the Resurrection and the final death — all happen before this stage. Then begins the birth of a new world.

In the following scenario is described in detail, as usual in the universe there is a transition to another dimension, but the Earth — it is rare. First I'll talk about the usual transition, but keep in mind — with you our transition can be, and almost certainly will be something special. Course of history can go a completely different way than the one that I'm going to tell you. It all depends on our love for each other as a planetary race of human beings. At the end of the story I will give you an alternative hypothesis. However, it is too early to say for sure what is happening now, but it seems that way.
The first signs

The first sign of the beginning of the transition of the world to another dimension is the sharp drop in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is known to science, for two thousand years, since the advent of Jesus, all the time decreases. In the last 500 years is weakening considerably stronger. As we approach the time of transition of the magnetic field in general will go crazy, that is seen around the world. Airports have to adjust the position of the north geomagnetic pole on their maps in order to be able to use automatic devices. Last thirty years, and characteristic changes in the structure of the magnetic field lines. Birds abandon their usual places of migration. The fact is that during the trip, they are guided by the magnetic lines of the Earth, and now the location of the character guiding lines has changed dramatically. I believe this is what makes beaching of whales and dolphins, as they also use the magnetic field lines of the Earth with migration. Many of the lines that used to go along the coast, now live on the land. Whales swim strictly on these guide lines and dumped on beaches. Finally, the geomagnetic field probably do drop to zero, which is a lot of "just happened in the history of the Earth.

Later events may develop in several scenarios. Field can roll over, and the poles are exchanged. Or reaching zero, the field will restore the same configuration of the poles, but it will have a completely different axis. Earth's magnetic field can be varied in many ways, but for you and your ascension it will not make any difference. You already leave the level of measurement of the Earth, and therefore not directly pass the experience of such a change.

Also, before going to another dimension will be other, more subtle energy effects, such as changes Shumannovskoy frequency (main resonance frequency of the Earth), but the most prominent are geomagnetic changes. I'm not going to talk about Shumannovskoy frequency, because the U.S. government denies that it is changing. If you really want to know the truth, look for the appropriate materials in Germany and Russia, because these two countries have information on this issue, which completely contradicts the position of our government. You can also refer to the work of Gregg Braden. He is more knowledgeable and honest in this matter.

The special value of the magnetic field due to its impact on the human brain, when the field strength drops to zero and remains at this point, more than two weeks. According to Russian research, when the astronauts were outside the Earth's geomagnetic field for more than two weeks, they are literally losing my mind. The same thing happened after the fall of Atlantis, when it plunged into the ocean — people lose their memory and go crazy. Apparently, the earth's magnetism support our memory in a consistent state (as in the case of a cassette of the film) and it is related to our emotional body. In Russia, for example, invented a small device attached to a belt that maintain normal electromagnetic field around the body, when the astronaut is in space. I believe that NASA did the same thing.

At first glance, it seems odd that the geomagnetic field affects our emotions, but remember, what happens in the full moon. The full moon is only slightly changes the geomagnetic indices, but the effect is more than obvious. Check the police records of any large city the day before and after the full moon, and in the very full moon. During these three days takes a lot more murders, rapes and other crimes than at any other time. However, the problem becomes much more serious when the magnetic field is reduced to zero. Even if the basis of the global stock market volatility are human emotions, it seems, they have understood what a panic around the world can cause large fluctuations of the geomagnetic field of the Earth, lasting more than two weeks.
Before going on stage

This period usually lasts from three months to two years. His offensive points to the fact that people are starting to behave like crazy because of changes in the geomagnetic field. World like crazy. Break social world structures. Collapsing stock market, governments are incompetent, and although attempts are being made to turn to military authorities, it does not help, because the military — the same problems. Suddenly find food shortages and other vital resources, and help to wait anywhere. In addition, most people become paranoid and grabs the gun. On Earth, there was not a safe place.

However, due to the tremendous assistance provided to us by our spiritual brothers of extraterrestrial life, and thanks to a powerful change of consciousness, which we ourselves have achieved, we have a great chance — we may not have to worry about this time of risk, and if they have to, all happen very quickly. I would not be surprised if we do not get any warning sign of his approach, except for five or six hours, which will be discussed below.

If we were to prepare for the physical world, we would have dug a hole in the basement, and put the stock of products, at least for two years. But going into this shelter during the start of the transition, we would not come out of there. Why? Because interdimensional shift will take us into a new dimension of consciousness of the Earth — a place where there will be no third dimension, our familiar world. When will the transition, the world of the third dimension goes, therefore sharing stash in the basement of food and other supplies, hoping then when it's over, get out there and continue to lead a normal life.

A significant part of humanity recently dealt with this, expecting a computer failure (at year 2000). This is not bad, but we must understand that it will not save you. No cooking on the physical plane will not help you at higher dimensions. Successful promotion of the Higher Worlds depends on your spiritual awareness and mostly on your character. Yes, that's the character, as I will explain shortly.
The last five or six hours before going

With a normal human point of view, this is a dangerous stage. In the tribe of North American Indians Taos Pueblo, where I was born during the first incarnation on Earth, taught that at this time it is necessary to enter a home (Pueblo), draw the curtains, look out the window and pray. If you look out the window out, you embrace fear. And you need it least.

At this stage there are strange phenomenon. Begins superposition of two dimensions. You can sit in your room and suddenly in front of you out of the air will be something unexplainable for your mind. This will be the object of the fourth dimension, which does not fit into your understanding of reality. You will see colors that have never been seen before. They will be very bright, and you find that they have their own source of light. As if the color is not reflected and emitted. Structures will form an inexplicable for your mind. Nothing like you've never seen before. But everything is in order, it is natural phenomenon.

I strongly recommend you do not touch either one of these objects. If you do this, you will be instantly drawn at high speed into the fourth dimension. Better, and easier for you, do not move so fast. If this can not be avoided, then it is the will of God.
Synthetic materials and thoughtforms Luciferian reality

Another phenomenon that is likely to happen, has to do with the nature of reality, created by Lucifer, and in which we live. The original reality was created so that all is in divine order with everything else. But in the Luciferian reality with the help of technology artificially created synthetic materials. These materials are not present in nature, will not be able to go into the fourth dimension. They will return to the state of a chaotic set of elements that have been created. Opportunity to bring these materials to the next dimension is, but it requires to create a special energy field that supports their integrity.

Moreover, all the synthetic materials have a certain degree of stability. Some of them, such as glass, not far removed from nature. After the glass — it just melted sand. However, other materials such as plastics, are very far from nature and so much more volatile. This means that within five to six-hour period, some synthetic objects, depending on their stability, melt or dissolve faster than others. Your machine is made of synthetic plastic materials, which are of an extremely worn-volatile materials, so it will definitely fail. Even your home, most likely constructed of various materials unstable and largely destroyed in whole or in part. Therefore, most modern homes are not safe during the transition.

Knowing that the time will come, and what happens Taos Pueblo Indians long ago banned the use of modern building materials in their settlements, Pueblo. Yes, they are building a summer house made of synthetic materials outside the settlements, but when the Day of Atonement, they know they have to go to their old homes in the pueblo. Sometimes they put windows in Pueblo, but as before the windows were without glass, even when the window is destroyed, it will not be a great loss. As for the rest, only the pueblo built of clay, straw, stone and wood, so no problems for the Indians in the transition to a new dimension does not arise.

So, the best thing — to be in nature, when it happens, and if you do not have this opportunity, submit to the will of God. I would not worry about it. I give you this information only to have all of you to understand when to begin the transition.

Let's go a little further. Synthetic objects — actually just thought forms created in the process and as a result of the Luciferian experiment. They do not exist in the original Reality. Perhaps you find it hard to understand that this is just a thought. Term <thoughtforms> is more correct. Thought forms come from the fact that the Indians called the mental plane, from the measurement of a higher level, and then slowly filtered out, dropping down the measurements, as the steps until you are here in the third dimension.

If we talk about the human level, the person is thinking about something, imagine it, and then decide how to do it. People in some way create something and thus show their designs on the earth plane. This can make one person or group of people, no matter who. The person or people who create something that does not hold the object on the earth plane, even if they are its creators. He held this network of the third dimension of our consciousness surrounding the planet. It is the consciousness of the people living on our level, consensus reality, held in place by a network of consciousness. Therefore, if the creator dies of an object, the object itself remains. But if the network is holding the objects, should break, the objects become the materials of which they were created, and from them will be over. A network should be destroyed before or during the transition.

It is clear that the condition of people who have now broken psyche because of lower geomagnetic field becomes even worse when they see the destruction of the Luciferian reality when all the objects will start to break down and disappear. Fortunately, it will last at least six hours.

According to Edgar Cayce and other psychics on Earth before there were many advanced civilizations, but they are little or nothing left. This is explained by just said. Created by our ancestors artificial materials have not gone through the last interdimensional shift 13,000 years ago, or during the previous shift measurements. Every time there is a transition to the next dimension, God purifies the environment of the original Reality.

If a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization comes here and wants to create some sort of structure (eg, pyramid), which would have saved tens of thousands of years, it will not build it difficult to get out of a material such as stainless steel. Will use natural materials of the planet, are very durable and reliable. Thus, the pyramid will stand in all the natural changes of the measurement, through which each planet. And it does not limit the Stone Age, and very reasonable actions, that's all.

Along with this, a very highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations to be mindful not to leave any trace of your visit. They either take their bodies with them or scatter them, not wanting to violate the law of the galactic non-intervention.
Planetary transitions

Every person who has ever lived on Earth has been going through a transition. All people had to do to get here on Earth. It is an undeniable fact of space. Whether we came to Earth, we had to go through the Void to get here, and therefore had to be a change of measurement. On the day you were born on earth a child, you have experienced change of measurements. You went from one world to another. Only because of our flawed memory we forgot about it.

The fact that we do not remember the experience of birth and lost the memory of the other dimensions, we have imposed on ourselves incredible limits. Take, then, that we can not overcome the reality of a long distance. Distance for our reality is so great that we can not cross them. We can not even leave our solar system, because in our present state of consciousness we are prisoners in their own home.

Do you think this is true? Unable to travel long distances in a spaceship in the usual method of perception of time and space. Scientists have come to this conclusion. Sure, the idea that we would never leave the confines of our solar system, may lead to depression. The flight to the nearest star (Alpha Centauri, a distance of about four light-years) with the use of modern space technology would last 115 million years. Man does not live as long, and, in addition, — this is the nearest star. So, to get to deep space is impossible. To be successful, we need to change our perception of time and space.

As we said, our problem is that we only know about time and space, and the reality that we measured almost completely lost. Because everything is perfect, we are reminded of it now, just when we need it. First, the memory is returned to us through our dreams, and then through films. In films such as <Star Trek "," Contact "," Sphere> and many others, studied the idea of other dimensions. We always remember, because God is with us.

I'll try to help you: talk about how, as usual, the transition from one dimension to another. I'll give you a description of my personal experience, but what happens in reality can be somewhat different, because the Universe is always experimenting. Some of you may prefer to hear it in the form of stories, but I think it's more appropriate to give a direct description of events.
Experience real planetary transition

Remember, I'm going to tell you something that might be found in the galactic textbook. This is a common scenario. There may be other parts, because life is dynamic, but knowing the rate, you can imagine its different shades.

Now mankind is entering the new millennium, and the Ascended Masters believe that before the coming transition will be very little violence, because we have already made good progress in its path. We have done a great job of helping new born human consciousness. So now I'm telling you — take it easy, do not worry. Enjoy the great transition. Watching the perfection of life, you can be the small child, to which you may have dreamed of returning. Know that you are taken care of and that all events will be managed by pure love. This wave energy is so powerful you are, you can safely surrender to the flow of life and just be.

Rather, we were able to reduce the duration of a possible chaos from two years to three months. According to forecasts, the period will be very short, and almost does not entail the destruction. Expected few or even complete lack of warning signals, except to himself five or six-hour interval immediately before the transition. Most likely, you will wake up one morning as usual, but just before sunset baby yourself in a completely new world.
Six hours before the transition

Let's look at six hours prior to the transition. You wake up in a clear, cool morning and feel great. Rising from the bed, you notice some unusual lightness and a bit strange state. You decide to take a bath, watch the water flowing and suddenly feel something behind me. You turn and see a large, brightly glowing object of indeterminate color, hovering near the wall at a height of about 90 cm (three feet). While you're trying to figure out what it is, nowhere, a second object is smaller. Both objects begin to circle around the room.

You jump out of the tub, running into the bedroom only to see that the whole room was filled with these incredibly odd. For the first time, you decide that you have a mental disorder or a brain tumor that affects your perception, but nothing like this. Suddenly, in front of you starts to yawn floor and the whole house of warps. You run into the street, in the country, where everything looks fine except that, across a lot of strange things.

Then you decide to sit down and not move. Recalled his Mer-Ka-Ba and begin to consciously breathe. Feel relaxed in the flow of prana, the going through your body. The rapid rotation of the Mer-Ka-Ba envelops you a sense of warmth and security. You center and wait, because what needs to happen is God's grace. Nowhere to go. This is the perfect pastime, which you can imagine. It is an ancient and at the same time new. It is beautiful, and you feel great. You feel more alive than at any time during its existence in the ordinary earthly reality. Every breath you seem delightful.

You look at the clearing, where spreads glowing red mist, gradually filling the space around you. Soon you are completely surrounded by fog and it seems that it has its own light source. In fact, this substance is not unlike any other fog you've ever seen. But it seems that the fog everywhere, you even breathe them.

Strange feeling cover your body. Not that it is unpleasant, just unusual. You notice that the red mist slowly turns to orange. And now he has become yellow. Quickly turns yellow to green, then blue, purple, and finally, in the ultraviolet. Suddenly your mind shines a powerful flash of bright white light. You are not just surrounded by them, it seems that you are this light. For you, nothing else around there.

Last feeling lasts a long time. Slowly, very slowly, the white light is made transparent and becomes a prominent place where you sit. All around acquires metallic luster and looks like it is made of pure gold — trees, clouds, animals, houses, other people — all except your body.

Almost without your gold, metal reality is clear. Gradually, everything starts to look like a golden glass. Through the walls you see moving people.
Void — three days of darkness

Finally, the golden reality begins to fade. Bright gold fades and continues to lose its light, until, in the end, the whole world around you becomes dark and black. You cover the darkness, and your old world disappears forever. You can not see anything, even your body. You realize that you are standing firmly on his feet, and at the same time you feel that you are flying. Familiar world was gone, but you do not feel fear. There's nothing to be afraid of. All completely natural. You are logged into the Void between the third and fourth dimension — Void where everything came from and where it should be restored. You were in the passage between worlds. Here there is no sound, no light. Completely absent any sensory experience.

No choice but to wait and how to feel gratitude for the fact that you are connected with God. Perhaps here you can go to sleep. This is normal. If you do not sleep, you will feel that the time stretches endlessly. In fact, it may take about three days.

More precisely, this period can last between two and a half days (the shortest of all known) about four days (the longest of all known). It generally takes three to three and a half days. This, of course, the earthly days and not a real, empirical time, because, as we know, there is no time. Now you come to <end time>, which they say the Maya and other religious and spiritual movements.
New birth

The next experience will be for you a shock. After evaporation in a vacuum and the dark for three days or so at some level of your being you may find that it has been a thousand years. Then, in a moment, and quite unexpectedly for you your whole world explodes radiant white light. He will be blinded without foundation. Naiyarchayshy most light of all the things you've ever seen. Be a long time before your eyes adjust and be able to withstand its radiance.

Most likely, you will find this experience a completely new — and only you have the child in the new reality. You — a little kid. Similarly, as once at birth in the world, you have come from a very dark place in a very bright place, and you, too, were blinded and did not know what was going on. These experiences are very similar. Congratulations! You have just been born in the shining new world!

When you adjust to the brightness of light, which may take some time, you will see colors that have never been seen before and did not even know that they exist. Everything in this reality, all forms and sensations are strange and unfamiliar to you, except for a short period of time right before the transition, when before you sailed strange objects.

In fact, it's more like a second birth. On Earth, when you are born, you are in the world of a young child and continue to grow as long as an adult. Commonly believed that adulthood — it is the end of growth. That the body of an adult in the next world is a child, strange sounds as long as you do not see it. In the same way, you start to grow and get higher and higher, until you reach the adult stage in the new world. Adults in the world of the fourth dimension is much taller than it is here. The man has a growth 4.2-4.8 m (14-16 ft), and a woman 3-3.6 m (10-12 ft).

Your body will look dense as on Earth, but compared to the third dimension is not. If you return back to the Earth, no one would see you. You still would have had the atomic structure, but the atoms are mainly existed only in the form of energy. Your body will be a bundle of energy with a very small amount of matter-PWM. On Earth, you could pass through solid walls, but in the fourth dimension your body tight. This new birth will be your last life a familiar structure. In the fifth dimension, which was soon replaced by the fourth, the life will be beyond any form. This formless state of consciousness. You will not have a body, but you'll be everywhere at once.

Also, the time in the fourth dimension is subject to quite different laws. A few minutes on Earth is a few hours in the fourth dimension, so for the length of time you think is equal to two years, you become an adult. But life in the new world is not just the growth, both here on Earth. There are several levels of knowledge and existence that you will be hard to imagine from the level at which you enter the fourth dimension, as well as a baby here on earth, it is impossible to understand the astrophysics.
Your thoughts and survival

And you were a baby in the new world. But you are still far from helpless. You are a powerful spirit that can control all of reality with your thoughts. What ever you think, everything happens instantly!

At first, you do not understand this relationship. Most people in a few days can not figure out what was wrong, and this time is critical. Within days, may decide the fate of your survival in the new world, if you do not understand.

Imagine, you are only a few minutes old, and your life will begin the first big test. When you open a window into the fourth dimension, it can pass through anything, but not everyone will be able to stay there.

We found that at this stage there are three types of people. First, among clicked there are people who are ready. They are prepared on the Earth the way they lived their lives. The second type of people, it is not ready, they're so full of fear that they can not afford to leave the third dimension through the void, they immediately return to Earth. Finally, the third group consists of those who are not quite ready for this experience. They have enough training to go into the fourth dimension, but not enough to stay there. It is these people did Jesus mean when at the end of one of his parables, said: <For many are called, but few are chosen> (Matthew 20:16.. — Ed.).

In the Gospel, there is another parable — the farmers who servants reported that his cornfield many weeds, and asked what to do. The owner told me not to touch the weeds at harvest time to remove them and wheat together, and then separate the wheat from the chaff. Usually try to get rid of the weeds until they are grown, but in this case it was decided not to. Jesus told parables about two different groups of people — those that are ready, and those that are not ready.

Not enough trained people carry with them all their fears and hatred. When they get into this strange world, all their fears and anger raised his head. People do not realize that everything they think, immediately takes on the form, so their fears begin to manifest reality.

Not knowing what was happening, most people are trying to play the familiar images of the old world, the things that they are familiar with. In this way they try to make sense of what is happening. They do this unconsciously, they act instinct. They begin to old images and structures. But the new world is so strange that all their fears come to life. They say: <My God, what is it? It's madness, madness>. They see the long-dead people, events from his past, from his childhood. And do not get it. Mind is trying in some way to bring everything in order.

Confused people decide that they have hallucinations, and this only adds to the fear. Thinking is the earthly, they believe that someone is specifically adjusts all, so they have to defend themselves. Their ego thinks he need weapons. The thought immediately of its implementation, and that's in front of them rifle with telescopic sight, just what they wanted. They take a rifle and think: <need ammo>.

Look to the left and see the huge boxes full of ammunition. Charge the gun and start to look around in search of enemies who want to kill them. And who instantly appears? Of course, the expected villains, and fully armed.

As a result, the worst fears come true, whatever they may be, and then people start to shoot. Everywhere they turned — all others are trying to kill them. In the end, the worst fear is realized, and they are killed outright.

After that comes into play a kind of script that sends them out of the Higher World back to where they came from. That is what Jesus meant when he said: <… all who draw the sword, die> (Matthew 26:52.. — Ed.). But he also said: <Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth> (Matthew 5:5.. — Ed.), So if you come into a new world with simple thoughts of love, harmony and peace, and trust in God themselves, then that is what will manifest around you. You will create a harmonious and beautiful world. If you are gentle, you will give yourself the opportunity to remain in the upper world through their thoughts, feelings and actions. You will survive here.

Of course, this is only the beginning. You were born in the new world and survive in it. Further there are several possible scenarios. One that will be necessary, is that after a while you begin to explore the new reality, and at some point will understand: what ever you think is really going on.

Illuminated by this knowledge, people often look at your body and say <th>, and then with the help of his thoughts begin to improve ourselves, reaching the physical ideal, which always dreamed of. They heal all that is needed, extend their hands and feet. And why not? It's like a toy for a child. Because at this stage the ego is still a little action, you can create yourself a nice appearance, be really nice and higher. But soon you get tired improve your body, and you begin to explore the new reality.

One thing is almost certain to happen. Suddenly you notice the two bright spots of light moving near the place where you are. This is your mother and your father. Yes, in the fourth dimension, you'll have parents. However, for the last time, because in the next higher world they will be gone.

In the space of the fourth dimension, where you move, there is no family problems, as on Earth. Your mother and father will love you the way, you will probably always dreamed of. Their love and care knows no bounds. Once you survive here, they will not allow the matter with you any harm. You absolutely do not have to worry. There will come a time full of great joy, if you just give it all and let love lead you.

You may have the feeling that you've just won the greatest game of life. All the pain and suffering experienced by you in the past, have disappeared and there was another great and holy living. Back to you conscious sense of purpose and meaning in life. You begin to experience a different, ancient and at the same time, a new way of being, and this is your way. He has always been yours, but you refused it. And now you come back to a state of such awareness that God manifests to you throughout your life. Appears with every breath that enters your body shining light.
How to prepare: the secret of daily life

You ask what you can do here on earth to prepare for the experience of living in the higher realms?

Certainly not store food or cook underground shelter or something like that. Not because it's bad, just such physical preparation have their limitations. In heaven, in the higher worlds, you are what you are doing. The same thing happens here, but most people do not know about it. This becomes clear from the fourth dimension.

Because we are what we create, it is important and necessary to anything coming from us, was in harmony with all life everywhere. We have to understand — all that we think, feel and do is create the world in which we have to live. Therefore, normal life here on Earth can be considered as a school, a place where every moment of teaching us lessons that can be instantly translated into the next world. Not surprisingly, Egypt and other ancient civilizations treat death with reverence. Death, no matter which way it comes, there is a passage through the darkness of the Void, leading to the shining light of the higher worlds of life. If we deal with this, then directly reach the conscious connection with all life everywhere — with eternal life.

Fig. 18-1. Ladies stargate

Fig. 18-2. Male model stargate

So what is so earth lessons? The truth is that the source of all life — in the eyes of every man's creation. Even here on Earth, at any time in every man there is a large knowledge, wisdom and love. Once this is understood, it becomes clear that your thoughts, feelings and actions are the key. You know exactly what to do. Simply put, it improves your character. His sparkling like a diamond, faces become the means of survival and ascension.

Buddha, the Virgin Mary, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, Jesus, Abraham, Krishna, Babaji, Saint Teresa, and about 8000 other great teachers of eternal life — is your school mentors and heroes. By their example they show you how to build your character. They all knew that the master key is the love of neighbor. This brings order in the world you create.

Gives you eternal life. Do you realize that?

In the understanding of Melchizedek, the only thing that will help you to make the passage through what is called a stargate, and moving from one area to another existence, these are your thoughts, feelings, and a very specific emotional and mental models, which usually consist of five to six items ( See Chapter 13, New data 5). Here is the model used by me in getting into this dimension — love, truth and beauty, trust, harmony and peace. There are many other models, and they are codes or keys that allow you to pass by keepers. If keepers feel that you are ready to the world that they are guarding, they allow you to enter. If not, they drive you back to the world from which you came. It is their job — and you have created such an order of things.

If you can just stay there and sing these patterns of love, truth and beauty, trust, harmony and peace, you do not have to worry. The feminine way (see Fig. 18-1). There are other models, such as men (see Fig. 18t2): compassion, humility and wisdom, unity, love and truth. All models include Stargate love and truth.

Where there is compassion and humility, there is also wisdom, a male component. And as soon as there is love and truth and unity here — a female component. The first model of the Stargate is arranged in a different way: where there is love, and the truth is, there is beauty, there is a male component. And wherever there is trust and harmony, there necessarily present world, the female component.

So these mental-emotional states or model stargate — this is most important to you when you go into the higher worlds. Every time you climb higher and higher, they will become more and more important. Where are we leading this process?

When you reach the fourth dimension and begin to see and understand their situation and to demonstrate its ability to manage events, starts to happen something funny. Remember the pattern on the ceiling of the Egyptian temple called egg metamorphosis (see Chapter 10, Fig. 10-34a) — the same orange-red oval above the heads of the Egyptians, making a 90-degree turn at the transition into the next world? Like them, you will begin to metamorphose. Your body will quickly turn into something similar, but fundamentally different from the previous one.

Word <Pharaoh> means "the one which you will be>. The first ruler who received this name was Akhenaten, who had a beautiful wife, Nefertiti. If you want to know what you will, take a look at them. Syrian-Sky race, where they came from, is our father's side, and we carry within their genes. When the time comes, we all turn into Sirians. This race is designed for the fourth dimension. When this happens, you will say to yourself: <Well, of course I remember>. As changes occur in your body will be so natural that you do not pay attention to them. When you start to grow, life in the next world, you will find the usual Noah. You go into one of the top three overtones of the fourth dimension, tenth, eleventh or twelfth. In one or more of these worlds you gain the knowledge and wisdom to move into the fifth dimension, go way back directly to God, all the time changing as development rachivaniya truth. The eyes of the universe turned on us, the great soul of the universe are watching us closely. We are children of God, carrying the possibility of life New Life. With a feeling of deep gratitude, I say to you: <Thank you live>.
Unique transition

We told you that usually happens when the planet has in the fourth dimension. And now we present a new hypothesis that can happen now, at the beginning of XXI century of the third millennium. Sometimes, in order to facilitate the transition to the planet is an anomaly. In this case, the old measurement is recreated in a way to pay off the old karma and make the transition into the next world smoother. This rarely happens at the global level, but it is theoretically possible. However, for such an initiation requires a very high level of consciousness, and to achieve it, as a rule, very, very problematic.

Edgar Cayce said that the axis of the Earth will change <winter 1998>, but it has not changed. According to other predictions, we had to move to a higher dimension or destroy themselves for August 11, 1999, but, apparently, it also did not happen. Maybe we have already moved into the fourth dimension, and just do not know about this? Probably.

This is such a huge, truly vast subject. Perhaps the best way to understand the origins of the desired level of consciousness — to make such a change. And, most of all, the New Children of the Earth, the vanguard of consciousness, are here for that reason. Most of our children today — is a highly spiritual beings who came to Earth to help us make the transition to a new world. New Children can initiate the transition by extraordinary means. Perhaps at the moment we are witnessing the miracle. With its high level of understanding of universal children are capable in the next world to recreate our world in such a way as not to lose a single soul — I think it's their destiny. Then we'll have to paraphrase the words of Jesus in the <many are called and all elected>. I think he would have been full of joy. The most beautiful dream in the universe has always been a desire to help make the transition of each lost soul, but in the past it was impossible.

How children can save the planet? Pure and innocent love of a child in the upper world are the source of harmonious creation. If New Children really are, and it seems that it is so, then perhaps everything. Apparently, God had just dawned upon us by his grace.


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