China will launch another spacecraft

China will launch another spacecraft in mid-June

In mid-June, China will launch a spacecraft "Shenzhou-9" to implement the second phase of the docking devices in orbit, this time — manned, ITAR-TASS reported with reference to the representative of China's manned space flight program.

"Currently, the spacecraft and rocket-nostitel" Changzheng-2F "transported to the Jiuquan spaceport north-western province of Gansu, — he said. — "Shenzhou-9 'dock with the space module" Tiangong-1 … "Over the next few days, experts will check the operation of all systems of the spacecraft and launch vehicle, and the astronauts selected for the flight tests will be appropriate."

In November 2011, China produced the launch of an unmanned spacecraft "Shenzhou-8". This mission was a landmark event for China, as for the first time in the history of the country's space program took docking of two spacecraft in orbit. The technology needed to create China's own space station to be launched by 2020.

Human spaceflight program in China implemented in three phases. The first included the launch of two spacecraft with astronauts on board — "Shenzhou-5" in 2003 and "Shenzhou-6" in 2005. The second stage, which is implemented currently provides for practicing docking technology devices in orbit. In the third stage should be set up and launched into orbit space station.

The first in the history of the Chinese manned space flight in space Yang Liwei made. The first spacewalk performed in China in 2008.


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