Civil Turbopar designs CHP in Uzbekistan

Civil TURBOPAR contract on engineering, installation and commissioning of co-generation plant sugar factory in Akhangaran 4 MW steam turbine-based Siemens.

TEP will be installed 3 steam boiler BEM-25-3 ,9-440 GM and Siemens steam turbine capacity of 4 MW. The main fuel is natural gas is used as a backup fuel is fuel oil used.

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  • novost Uzbekistan


Each of the steam-gas-oil boilers BEM-25 / 3,9-440 GM's production of "Belenergomash" consists of a one-piece, horizontal, 2-drum, gas-tight boiler with natural circulation.

The boiler is equipped with a type of oil-gas burner GM-20s with a control range of 20 to 100% load.

In winter, when the steam flow is 35 t / h turbine will produce 3.6 MW of electrical power, and in the summer when the steam flow is 17.5 t / h turbine will produce 1.7 MW of electrical power. The turbine is equipped with an electric generator Siemens air-cooled brushless excitation system.

In parallel with the turbine is installed pressure reducing and cooling plant and ROU-40/13 Reduction — cooling unit DOC — 13/6, which will be incorporated into the work at the turbine emergency stop or withdrawal of its planned maintenance.

In addition to the above equipment in the CHP plant is planned to install a set of all necessary ancillary equipment (part of the electric power, instrumentation, gas, etc.) provides a standard practice mode CHP.
To perform the repair work in the room will be provided for hanging overhead crane lifting capacity of 1 ton. for boilers and 10 tons. for the turbine. To remove the flue gas from boilers BEM-25-3 ,9-440 will have one samostoyaschaya metal pipe smoke.

To ensure gas supply 2 boilers BEM-25-3 ,9-440 project includes laying and installation of a gas pipeline DN 300 from GRP to newly installed boiler. The pipeline is laid on high poles. The length of the gas pipeline trestle L? 500 m
Currently, the design institute conducted the Civil TURBOPAR design of the power plant.

Customer by OOO "BMA Russland".

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