Coliseum flooded showers

The most famous symbol of Italy on the eve of flooded water. Because of the heavy rains that hit Rome, storm drainage could not stand, and the Colosseum was flooded water.

Most flooded vast underground chambers and catacombs of the Colosseum, and the water lasted long. Told journalists inspecting officer of the Archaeological Heritage of Rome Roberto Checks Colosseum underground rooms were flooded for several hours.

It is noteworthy that in the context of other issues flooding the main attractions of Rome did not even notice it. The result was a "pool" in the basement of the Colosseum, which reached a depth of four meters, according Euromag.

However, the water soon flowed, but the incident has revealed weaknesses in the city sewer system, which can result in damage to or destruction of many historical monuments in the event of a repetition of such situations.

Recall that recently in the coliseum began conducting tours of the catacombs and underground space, which is abundant in the ancient Roman amphitheater. How will the incident to conduct these tours, not yet reported.

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