Colonization of the Moon

On the surface of the moon There are numerous mechanisms and structures. A set of phenomena recorded on the surface of the satellite, suggest the unthinkable: the moon — an artificially created space base, — the portal of Russian ufologists.

In 1968, NASA (the U.S. Aerospace Agency) published a catalog of lunar anomalies containing 579 observations carried out over several centuries. In the XVIII century astronomer William Herschel first attracted the attention of scientists to the lights, lines and geometric shapes on the surface of the moon. Since abnormal phenomena occur on the surface permanently.

In our time, more than 10 years of systematically observing the moon through a telescope 800-fold, Japanese Yatsuo Mitsusima repeatedly filmed spans dark objects on different parts of the moon. He obtained the materials sensational: the diameter of the objects — an average of about 20 kilometers, and the speed of movement — about 200 kilometers per second.

In preparation for landing a man on the moon was conducted a detailed study of the surface of a picture with a spacecraft. NASA researchers have received more than 140,000 photographs. Most of them are of excellent quality, and the optical resolution of the apparatus on the Moon has revealed something that we were not quite ready. That is why the conversations with the astronauts orbit the moon were often so emotional. Many newspaper cited Aldrin Houston: "What is this? What the hell is it? I would like to know, what is it? There are great facilities! Huge! Large spacecraft. They are behind a crater on the opposite side. "

This message is in an open channel until the transition was encoded and has not been refuted by NASA.

Sensational discoveries on the Moon George Leonard's book is devoted to "On our moon is someone else", which, after long delays censorship was finally published and contained information not previously known to the general public.

Analyzing the images transmitted by "Ranger-7" after his safe landing near the crater and the astronauts in low orbit around the Moon, the author, as well as NASA specialists came to the unequivocal conclusion that the lunar surface are numerous mechanisms and structures. According to J. Leonard, most of these large in size mechanisms destroyed, but obviously other continues to operate. Some objects change shape, disappear or reappear on the slopes or bottom of a crater. The highest activity is observed on the near side of the Moon.

For example, in the area of the crater King is a large number of mechanical devices, called the author "X drones" because they resemble the shape of the letter «X». These "excavators" the size of a mile and a half developing the slopes of the crater, breaking off the rocky ground and throwing it on the surface of the jet. J. Leonard believes that with the crest of the crater King laid pipe length of about three miles, the ends of which are covered by the same caps. Such structures discovered by Japanese researcher Mitsui and described in the book "Studies of the Moon."

In the book, Leonard J. many impressive descriptions of the various mechanisms that rise above the lunar surface and tracking the movement of the sun. "Seven miles from Bullialda" Ranger-7 "made unique pictures. Large metal object, leaving partly in shadow, has a rounded shape, a cylinder and a turret on top of it. On the cylinder visible holes equidistant from each other. From the turret is mist or vapor. At the sites are viewed markings. "

Does the moon technological activities related to UFOs? Analysis of photographs and NASA astronauts give some remarks on this question in the affirmative.

J. Leonard cites astronaut Gordon ("Apollo 15"): "When we were in 30-40 feet, then flew alongside lots of objects — such white and sparkling, they clearly had the engine." U.S. astronauts were code words for Houston for the event that they find on the moon or something unusual about her, such as "Anibel" means a blazing fire on the moon or near the "Barbara"-building, "St. Nicholas" — UFO .

"Anibel" were observed by astronauts in the Sea of Crises.

Here were found 2 and 3-story rectangular building, the upper floor is a similar rectangle, but smaller. Sometimes the base bottom rectangle can be seen a large circular holes arranged in a row at the same distance from each other. At the bottom of the crater Copernicus-building in the form of a triangle, put to the ground. On its lateral surface can be distinguished marks resembling shapes and geometric figures. As marks on the surface of the moon, according photographs can detect luminescent (perhaps a reflection of the sun) marks such as blue crosses vertically installed in the ground. Typically, the same sign is installed in places where there are mechanisms combined process of any one function. So, around the craters, which employ the "X-Drones' set blue crosses. Elsewhere visible signs are arrows.

J. Leonard believes that the King crater and its surroundings can be a bit of a base of a different civilization, since that is where platforms are located, towering above the surface at 0, 5 miles. Many of them have a diameter from 6 to 10 miles. We are in the world it is difficult to structure this size.

Not to mention a questionable assumption J. Leonard: "Large portions of the surface covered with the remnants of something resembling a scrim of wires intersecting at right angles. Maybe once the moon was masked by dust, gravel, crushed stone and man-made craters as an ordinary planet? Now we can see the remains of masking the cataclysm on the moon. " That explains the researcher cataclysm so much destruction mechanisms, pipelines and facilities. This is largely supported by NASA photographs. Found the system of pipes laid on the surface and going down the slope of the crater to go deep into the moon. However, many lines are destroyed.

What is the opinion of the official science United States over the sensational discoveries on the moon? Here he writes about John Leonard: "The Academy of the United States — government adviser and prepares the information to his advantage. It gathers the facts, but is very weak in the analysis and revolutionary hypothesis. "

The main conclusions J. Leonard are as follows. The essence of the aliens on the moon — extracting the necessary elements from rocks of the lunar crust. Moon once undergone a fantastic accident and was sent here for a long recovery process. Restored structures, mechanisms, and probably under the surface of the moon. However, the aliens hide their activities become increasingly difficult after sensing of the moon landing and the people on the surface.

In August of 1995 was declared the International Programme for the global monitoring of the abnormal phenomena on the moon. In the program of the observatory participated in many countries, including the United States, using a unique telescope "Hubble", working on the satellite orbit the Earth. Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick, who discovered DNA code, in an interview with Italian magazine "Espresso" said: "It is possible that" they "wanted to turn the Earth into a kind of intergalactic reservations or natural park, the birthplace and continue living species, which have not reached perfection in the process of evolution and remained far behind the others, but it may be useful as stocks genes or simply as natural attractions. "

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