Comes in — and out

Leaving the "Rostov"

— Michael, first, let's go back a bit in the past. Last year you left the FC "Rostov", which played most of his career. Bad feeling after breaking left?

— Residues in any case remain, because I played in the "Rostov" for nine years, giving this club their best professional years. The way that to me … God will judge them. As the saying goes, everything goes around comes around once. Although the evil I do not want anyone. On the contrary, I want to "Rostov" finally won and achieved significant results. Therefore evil on anyone no, absolutely.

— What do you think, why in the same England have Ryan Giggs 'Manchester United' Steven Gerrard in "Liverpool", and in Russia the continuity of generations and respect for veterans clubs in recent times no?

— And therein lies our problem. In our football has some people angry. Note that here I am not talking specifically about my example. When a man nine years playing for one club is not out of it in the most difficult situations, to do so with the player just wrong. But this is Russia, apparently, we have such a mentality. Comes in a new club man, I did not like it a bit, and the leadership has supported it for some reason.

— Then finish with this is not the most pleasant topic for you. Apart from the "Urals" you had offers from other clubs?

— I called the head coach of "Ural" and the president of the club. So I got a wide option to continue a career. There were other offers, but those people would say, "Let's look at you, discuss it." And I'm not twenty years to sit and wonder what to choose. Especially since I started playing here at the time, therefore, to be honest, for a long time did not deliberate on the transition. I think I made the right choice and now I try all possible ways to solve the problem posed in front of a team.

About Captaincy

— The fact that you started your career while still in the "Uralmash" was important to you?

— I started here, there can be said to have passed my first steps in the big leagues. Although this fact for me was not the most critical, now I am very happy that it was in Yekaterinburg. President of the "Ural" Gregory V. Ivanov two years ago called the team said — come on home, travel, enough already. And so it happened that through the leadership of the other team, I was in Yekaterinburg. You know, I'm the kind of person who does what in life does not regret. At one time, instead of the "Rotor" I could be in Kiev "Dynamo", but no disappointments in this regard do not feel. After all, I spent three wonderful in Volgograd, the same can not be said of Rostov. Now, I hope, will follow a great season in the "Ural".

— In the "Ural" you immediately have chosen a team captain. Not surprising is the solution?

— This issue is much more likely to address the club. This is not the team I came in and asked for the captain's armband. I did not have a purpose, and such titles I'm perfectly calm. By the way, "Rostov" in recent times I have had problems because of the captaincy. The team chose me constantly, and the club told me that the leaders at the top, as I understand it — is the administration of the area, very unhappy that I am the captain. I told them that they had taken cover, if something does not suit them, and let the captain do to who guide will be enough. It was very frustrating when, after so many years in the "Rostov" I have stated such things — and all because of what I said in the face of what he thought. Because I guide and untenable.

— When a 34-year-old signed a contract for two years, it shows confidence on the part of the club?

— We have 39 plays in the First Division Andrei Tikhonov. And at that age he is one of the best in the club. What's the difference how many years a person, if it fits the coach and the team? Just now at the forefront of experience and skill. I too was young, he played with great desire and do on the field that sometimes should not. But now I find that I look on the field is as good as a football has increased wisdom. And at 34, I end up not going to want to play football for a long time. Let many say that at this age is to think about retirement, I do not think so. Just in our country, everyone knows how to play football, but those who do it on the field.

In the first — no problem

— In 2008, you took the gold medal of the First Division, together with the "Rostov", became the best player of the championship. In connection with this problem of adaptation in this tournament did not happen?

— To be honest, I have always loved the schedule of the matches in the First Division. I like it to play a match, and after the third day out on the field against another opponent. The only thing that is bad — it's flights over vast distances. Country, then we have a large. So you have to sit on a plane and fly to the other end of Russia. But there is nothing wrong with that.

— Tell us about your current team. What impression composition of the "Ural"?

— Here gathered decent players, and everyone understands what is required. We all know what we want, and make efforts to achieve the same goal. Something more concrete to say too early, because the season has just begun, and the chickens are known to be considered in the fall.

— By the way, on purpose. The specific goals for the season, as I understand it, before the "Ural" is not worth it?

— We have one goal — to win every game. No other problems and do not need.

— You said that it is too early to draw conclusions. Yet behind for four rounds, in which the "Ural" scored 10 points. At least the confidence that your team — one of the favorites of the First Division, there?

— If you look at the table and read the newspaper, then certain conclusions can be made. But, again, it is too early to draw conclusions. All the teams are still side by side, you can stumble in one match, and move from the first position to sixth. I think such commands as "Ural" in the First Division will be a dozen more.

— You can select other favorites of the championship?

— I do not really have not seen anybody. I've heard that the highest goals put the "Volga", "Krasnodar" and "Kuban". The last team in general each year goes to the Premier League, and then returned. You know, like Winnie the Pooh said — in and out. Life is changeable, everything happens. Maybe it will be some "dark horse" in the league, so you will not list all here. Everyone wants to get to the big leagues, but go there only two teams, so someone always stays out.

Ivan Zaloznykh,, Moscow

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