Cosmic caterpillar.

Now there is great excitement about the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite are programs about space aliens, and not a word about the fall of the Sikhote Alin meteorite. And after all, it was by geological standards, more recently — in 1947. And it was a large meteorite entered the top ten — about 23 tons.

In composition, nickel-iron, a fall near the village of Meteor scattered into many different pieces. In early 2000 we had a rush to collect these fragments, the people went out into the forest and with the help of metal detectors have collected a decent portion. (It seems like it was not exactly legal, but still …) I was lucky enough to see them, take pictures.

In this image, the most interesting form of a snake about 240 grams of 127 mm. Maybe someone will also be interesting to see … Most recently, I was instructed by one hunter in paragraph Amgu studied impektity — traces of meteorite impact on the hill. Meteorite itself, we have not found — around underdeveloped taiga, on top of the reflow — where he hit well viewed, collected samples.

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