Cossacks — Film Arkady Mamontov watch online

Cossacks - Film Arkady Mamontov watch online

Napoleon Bonaparte said at one point: "Give me 20 thousand Cossacks and I will conquer the world." Movie Arkady Mamontov is dedicated to the Cossacks — those who are forgetful in our stores and transmits age children what is strong soul of the people — the traditions of their own Protz. Thanks to the Cossacks Our homeland has gained a lot of victories. Cossack cavalry was unique and incomparable. But tragic history of the Cossacks. Dearly cost the Cossacks of the 17th year. Only on the Don in the years of war civilian were killed or persecuted 2,000,000 Cossacks. In this film there is no division on the Don, Kuban, Terek or the Ural Cossacks.

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