Could this happen to the Earth? (Tumble Dzhanibekova)

Effect discovered by Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov, more than ten years to keep Russian scientists in secret. He not only broke the harmony of all previously recognized theories and ideas, but also became a scientific illustration of a looming global catastrophe.

We know a great many scientific hypotheses about the so-called end of the world. Approval of various scientists to change the Earth's poles is not portrayed for decades. But despite the fact that many of them have a slender theoretical evidence, it seemed that none of these hypotheses can not be tested experimentally.
Of history, and especially the recent history of science, known for vivid examples of the process of testing and experiments, scientists confronted with the phenomena, it contradicts all previously accepted scientific theories. It is to such eventualities is a discovery made by Soviet cosmonaut during his fifth mission in the "Soyuz T-13" and the space station "Salyut-7" (June 6 — September 26, 1985) Vladimir Dzhanibekov.
He drew attention to the effect, inexplicable in terms of modern mechanics and aerodynamics. Culprit was the usual opening nut. Watching her flight in the cabin space, astronaut noticed strange features of its behavior. It turned out that when the rotating body in weightlessness through well-defined time intervals change the axis of rotation, making a revolution of 180 degrees. The center of gravity of the body continues to uniform rectilinear motion. Even then cosmonaut suggested that such "strange behavior" are real and for the whole planet, and for each of its sectors in particular. So, you can not just talk about the reality of the infamous corners of the world, but also a new way to present the tragedy of past and future global catastrophe on Earth, which, as any physical body, subject to the general laws of nature

Why is this important discovery held back? The fact that this effect has allowed to put aside all previously put forward hypotheses and approach the problem from quite a different perspective. The situation is unique — experimental evidence appeared before this hypothesis was put forward. To provide a reliable theoretical basis, Russian scientists had to revise a number of laws of classical and quantum mechanics. Over proofs worked great team of experts from the Institute of Mechanics, the Scientific and Technical Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety and the International Science and Technology Center of payload space objects. It took more than a decade years. And ten years, scientists tracked not notice whether this effect foreign astronauts. But foreigners are probably nuts in space is not twist, so that we not only have priority in the discovery of a scientific problem, but for almost two decades ahead of the world in its study.
For a time it was thought that the phenomenon has a scientific interest. It was only from the time when it was possible to prove his theory, pattern discovery acquired its practical importance. It has been proven that changes the axis of rotation of the Earth are not mysterious hypotheses archeology and geology, and the natural event in the history of the planet. Study of the problem helps to calculate the optimal time frame starts and flying spacecraft. Improved their understanding of the nature of disasters, such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods and floods associated with global shifts of the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the planet. The discovery of Dzhanibekova the impetus for the development of an entirely new field of science that deals psevdokvantovymi processes, that is, quantum processes that occur in the macrocosm. Scientists are always talking about some obscure race when it comes to quantum processes. Normally macrocosm like everything is smooth, even sometimes very quickly, but consistently. And in a laser or a different chain reaction processes occur abruptly. That is, until they started all the formulas described one after — is quite another, and about the process — zero information. It was thought that all this is only the microworld.
Head of the Department of forecasting natural hazards of the National Committee of ecological safety, Victor Frolov and Deputy Director NIIEM MGSCH board member of the very center of loads of useful space, which was engaged in the theoretical basis of the opening, Michael Khlystunov, issued a joint report. In this report, the effect Dzhanibekova told the world community. Reported from the moral and ethical considerations. Hide from humanity to disaster would be a crime. But the theoretical part of our researchers hold for the "lock and key". And it's not just about selling yourself know-how, but also the fact that it is directly connected with the amazing capabilities of forecasting natural processes.

Vzmozhno reasons for such behavior of a rotating body:

1. Rigid body rotation is stable with respect to the axes as the largest and smallest principal moment of inertia. Example stable rotation around the axis of the smallest moment of inertia used in practice — the stabilization of flying bullets. A bullet can be considered absolutely solid enough for lasting stabilization during the time of its flight.
2. Rotation around the axis of maximum moment of inertia is stable for any body for an indefinite time. Including not absolutely rigid. On this and only this is used to spin a completely passive (when the system is off orientation) stabilization of satellites with significant Nonrigid konstrkutsii (developed panel Sat, antennas, fuel tanks, etc.).

3. Rotation in the average moment of inertia is always unstable. And indeed the rotation will tend to move to a decrease of the rotational energy. In this case, the various points of the body will experience varying acceleration. If these accelerations will lead to variable deformations (not abs. Rigid body) with energy dissipation, as a result of rotation of the axis aligned with the axis of maximum moment of inertia. If the strain does not occur and / or there is no dissipation of energy (perfect elasticity), we get energy-conservative system. Figuratively speaking, the body will tumble, always trying to find a "comfortable" position, but each time it will slip and look again. The simplest example — the perfect pendulum. Low position — energetically optimal. But it never stops there. Thus, the axis of rotation is a hard and / or perfectly elastic body is never aligned with the axis of max. moment of inertia, if initially it did not coincide with it. The body will always perform complex tehmernye fluctuations, depending on the parameters and the beginning. conditions. Need to put 'sticky' damper or active vibration control system to put out when it comes to the SC.
4. In case of equality of all principal moments of inertia, the angular velocity vector of the body will not change either in magnitude or direction. Roughly speaking, in terms of which direction twisted, in terms of the direction and rotates.

Thus., By the description, "Dzhanibekova nut" — a classic example of an absolutely rigid body rotation, swirling around an axis that does not coincide with the axis of the smallest or largest moment of inertia.

Our planet is moving in a circular orbit and its axis of rotation is nearly perpendicular to the plane of the orbital motion. Perhaps it is opposed to the "nuts Dzhanibekova" (which moves along the axis of rotation) does not give the planet over.

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