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Media: The guards were not allowed in the residence Dvorkovich Putin 21.05.2013 / /9:50·7Comments Text:RBC-daily

Protection of President Vladimir Putin tried to keep the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich to the residence of Bocharov Stream. AccordingRBC-daily,
pass a post at the entrance to the car with the officer was only after a call to Dmitry Medvedev.



Yesterday, after the exercise of origami and dedication to the "honorable eaglets" Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived at the residence of Vladimir Putin to agree on a new head of the government.

Car Volvo, which contained Dvorkovich, spokesman for Prime Minister and head of Natalia Timakova protocol Marina Yentaltseva drove up to the residence for a few minutes before the motorcade Medvedev. But the car did not miss. Security stated that the Deputy Prime Minister is not in the list.

"We now leave, then let out", — Dvorkovich said."We have our own boss, we told him and say, Dvorkovich arrived without papers ", — Said the FSO staff.

End of discussion put call the head of government:"Dima, we are not allowed!"

"Security is security, there are hitches", — Commented RBC daily press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin.

Details of the meeting in the residence "Bocharov Stream" is not disclosed. According to some reports, it was on the harmonization of candidates for the post of deputy prime minister in place of sacked Vladislav Surkov.

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