Cuba — the ideological partner


21 February begins a three-day official visit to Belarus Cuban delegation led by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parylyam. In the Cuban Embassy in Minsk, reported that the parties "will discuss a wide range of Belarusian-Cuban relations."

Bruno Rodriguez Parylya will meet with the head of state. The press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh:

"It is planned that during the visit of President of Belarus will take. At a meeting with the chairman of the House of Representatives will exchange views on the state and future of the Belarusian-Cuban inter-parliamentary cooperation. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the foreign ministers of the two countries will hold consultations across the diverse range of issues of political, trade and economic interaction. "

Minsk political scientist Andrei Fedorov explains the special attention of the authorities for this visit:

"It is not often we still drive the foreign ministers. And so this event if not an emergency, it still is not ordinary. And this is used as evidence of the supposed lack of insulation.

— Cuba is our ideological partner. As for the moral support

Now you can not expect us to come Sikorsky Westerwelle.

Belarus, Cuba has always been there. Besides, now you can not expect us to come Sikorsky Westerwelle. These circumstances have led to the fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, will be made at a very high level. "

Especially a lot of similarities between Belarus and Cuba in the field of human rights and freedoms, human rights activist says Valentin Stefanovich:

"The message of the authorities that here, that there — one: to prevent the activities of alternative political forces and human rights organizations. Only in Belarus is a European authoritarianism. And Cuba is experiencing (or survive) the authoritarian setting in the community. There is a one-party system. And elections and democracy in the normal sense of the word is not there. For good reason to criticize Cuba including and human rights organizations for numerous violations of human rights. "

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