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Time travel — it's not a fantasy? For more than half a century, scientists draws theory of so-called "closed curves of time." According to her, there are some temporary streams that, in describing a trajectory, are sent back to the starting point. The publication spoke with the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Joseph Steiner about the possible presence of time trends in our universe, and their practical application.

Theory of closed time curves (SPC) describes that in a general relativistic physics, when driving in the same space-time continuum, any particle eventually returns to the starting point of the movement.

This rule is observed only under certain conditions that are different from the surrounding universe. Therefore, the theory itself is the object of empirical knowledge. In the future, will be further developed and tested the idea of quantum gravity, closed curves in the time it will be an important component. So far, research in this area is limited by theoretical calculations and assumptions.

For example, a specialist in quantum computing Debbie Loong at the University of Waterloo (Canada) and her colleagues at the IBM research laboratories believe that time only closed curves seem inapplicable to the modern theory because of the limited judgment of scientists.

Change in the quantum state is a linear process, in which the final result depends on the initial data. However, in the study of quantum states using the theory of CTC, it turns out that the change can only be non-linear. That is the final state depends not only on the raw data, but also on what order and how they were introduced to the system.

One of the study participants, Graham Smith of IBM, suggests that most of the bugs and incompatibilities between theories are the result of an important omission — physicists describe quantum transitions without external factors, trying to simplify the task.

In the event that changes in the quantum state of the nonlinear process, the theory of CTC comes in line with the classical quantum physics. According to the authors of the study, similar to quantum theory with respect to classical models of the world, the theory of closed curves in time to a more basic part of quantum physics.

It will take some time to get the scientific community to take this hypothesis and has adopted — relativistic theory also did not immediately found its place in the minds of scientists. Lung Debbie and her colleagues led a practical example of using the theory of CTC in real life.

They calculated that a traditional computer that uses the closed curves of time, can make calculations without errors, and the sheer number made it mathematical operations reduced. Moreover, its computational speed to increase to the level of a quantum computer by the increase in accuracy.

Comment Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Joseph Steiner, who expressed an opinion on the theory put forward:

'In order to discuss the closed curves of time, to make a reservation — in our world, they do not exist and can not exist. On this basis, it appears that the work done is only a hypothetical — "What would happen if …'

On the other hand, science is now more interested in the practical problems — the search for extraterrestrial life, the creation of quantum computers and deciphering the genome. But none of them can be solved without fundamental theoretical knowledge, which can be obtained in the course here is just such testing hypotheses.

The strange thing is that, not limited to theoretical calculations, the authors go straight to how you can use the closed curves of time to practice. Which brings us back to the beginning — can not be seriously considered what does not exist.

In addition, the authors try to show that an understanding of the quantum state of information about the initial state of the system plays practically no role. This is strange, because the ability to predict these states and built a quantum computer — a device not only predicted by theory, but also closer to its implementation.

Theory itself closed curves of time is very interesting, and perhaps humanity can ever be merged with the relativistic mechanics, as well as with the theory of "strings". But in quantum processes — already well studied and described — it clearly has no place. "

Whatever place or is the theory of closed curves of time in physics of the universe, it does not apply to large objects obey the laws of classical mechanics. Therefore, a science fiction dream move freely in time until such, and will remain, despite the hopes of enthusiasts.

Paul Urushev

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