Cverhsvetovye neutrinos — Reality (2012)

International Congress "Fundamental Problems of Science and Technology," 07/23/12.
Sall Sergey Albertovich

Cverhsvetovye neutrinos — not the fault of the experiment, and the reality

Experiments analyzed the past four years to measure the speed of neutrinos. It is shown that all the experiments is satisfied by the creator of the Heaviside classical electrodynamics the possibility of overcoming the particle light barrier with its rapid acceleration. Oddly enough, the superluminal neutrinos do not contradict Einstein's work "On the electrodynamics of moving bodies", since it limits the applicability of the theory are clearly limited to the case of small particle acceleration. Unprecedented pressure on the media to recognize the experimental tests wrong — dirty politics, the real science has no relation. Such methods in 1930 was carried out the massacre of American physicist Miller successfully determine the speed and direction of the ether wind.

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