In order to enter into this new world, or dimension, you have to work with this wonderful brain that is on your mind by practicing meditation and balancing the left and right hemisphere of the brain, in order to strengthen your love. Alchemy, the art to bring more light into your physical body, and other forms of healing, and the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are already in your reality now, because you will need it to enter into this new energy transition.

 Lightworkers will be the leading force in the transition to a new dimension. Do whatever it takes to prepare for the Great Shift in Consciousness. Your preparation will help this transition to occur. If you are not ready to move into fourth light *, then, instead, you will be pushed away (* approx. Interpreter — Kirael often says "the fourth light," which also means "fourth dimension"). So, what does this mean? Well, about, now on the planet six billion people, and not all of them will pass through the transition.

Those who are not prepared to go through the transition, go home to the Creator or to other planetary systems. Many of those who go through the transition, the experience "three days of darkness", a time during which you'll sleep, and the Earth will move through the photon belt. You ask, "Why should I go through the" three days of darkness "and that happens to me at this time?" Moving through the "three days of darkness" is the easiest way to get to the fourth light. In the meantime, while you sleep, you get more light into your body. When you wake up, you find that you are so light that when you jump up, you'll need about fifteen seconds to come down. You will experience the thrill, because you will feel the comfort and joy of being "in a new-dimensional" process.

You want to tell people about the transition and of the changes that you experience, but some people around you will be at a loss. They will not know — what you're saying. They will not know about the transition, or even that they have passed through the "three days of darkness." These people will be awake during the three days and experience the changes of the Earth, and will see how to rock and shake the building. They will be scared and will fight to pass through the portals after the end changes to the Earth. However, if you know about the transition, you oversleep during these three days to get your light particles, and upon awakening, you will see that the earth calmed and quieted down. You will see how the trees will refocus your energies, and all the plants go to another level of consciousness.

There is no guarantee that any of you will pass through the Great Shift, mainly because it is a new project for the Creator. This is the first transition that will take place during finding people on the planet. Even those of you who are in the Lemurian consciousness does not undergo a transition like this. You had to go through a journey of the third dimension and make his way in the Lemurian fifth level of consciousness. When you do this, you wake up in a different focus and start all over again.

I came here on this earth plane as the keeper of the Great Shift in Consciousness of the seventh light, excellent transient measurements. I and all the other masters, is now coming to this planet are here to help in this transition. So take your trip. Make a "five" or "fifty" steps to prepare for this important event.

Internal and External Employees Portals

Q: Will we actually portals that take us into the fourth dimension, our three-dimensional eyes, or we will experience in the spirit of transition?

KIRAEL: This transition will not happen like that. You see it, feel it, try it for taste and smell. You will be part of that. Your sixth sense will work after you get out of the "three days of darkness." So, yes, you will be aware of transition, you will see the portals in the fourth light, and you'll know what kind of work you need to perform. You will know what you are doing from the start.

You will either internal or external staff portals. External portal workers will go to the big cities, such as New York, Honolulu, Chicago, Denver, dig people from the rubble. Will be scattered quite a lot, though not-so-massive volume of debris from destruction. People in these heaps will be through the "three days of darkness" is not sleeping. They will not get all of their light particles and they will need help to go to the fourth light.

Teachers, scientists, philosophers, etc. employees will be internal portals. Internal portal workers will have the knowledge that they did not have before. You can be an internal employee portal, which had no knowledge of philosophy, however, after "three days of darkness", you can be on the faculty of philosophy, and to the story of the subject with a certain confidence. We went back to your other life and brought back this information to you.

The change of consciousness in the period of the Great Shift

Question: Please comment on the consciousness of the Great Shift?

KIRAEL: As soon as you step into this transition, you will be aware of a change of consciousness. You look out the window and see that there are trees, and you will find them interesting extraterrestrial energy. The trees have begun their transition and new trees are going through this journey now. A new consciousness has to do with the fact that you can see that the trees are already present today. Most people see a lot of green leaves on a tree trunk, but if you look at them closely, you will see the individual trees that you've never seen before. You will realize that your mind is stronger. You — the conscious creator of the Great Shift in Consciousness.

Question: How should we prepare for this shift in consciousness?

KIRAEL: Meditate to help shift your paradigm to travel a new dimension and to get answers to your questions. The transition will occur in every part of life on this planet. If you stay in time and space and consciousness of the Milky Way and your Earth plane, you will not be able to see a new dimension. You will not have the new moon, or of the new sun, or something else, unless you do not move in the opposite direction, and in that case, you could see the planet, which has two moons, it's a good sign. You'd be stuck in time and space that can not evolve.

But, if you meditate, you will get what you need in order to go ahead, and you will see the fourth light. Your feelings will intensify. You smell things that you've never felt, try to taste something that she has never tried it, feel that had never before felt and see the things that you've never seen before. Your eyes will be so strong that you can look directly at the sun without sunglasses or any other protection. You will see the sun, sun spots and flares your naked eyes.

We need you here

Question: I feel like pushing and pulling force in my power, the desire to go home to the Creator, and at the same time, the need to be here to do the work. Is it time to go home, or is it time to start?

KIRAEL: This pushing and pulling power that you feel comes from your angelic forces. Many angels are there, ready to help your journey on the Earth plane. World of angels is the force that surrounds you now. I heard you say that you want to go home and do the transition to the other side of the veil. Others have left the Earth plane to make the entry or start the journey of the Great Shift in Consciousness. If you go back to the Creator, you are likely to come back here in any case, to be a part of this journey, either as part of the angelic world, the world of Alvin, galactic forces, etc. These forces have already made a commitment to come to the earth plane for this transition.

Stay here for this transition — it sounds like not the easiest journey, but if you can go through the "three days of darkness," then you will see, feel, taste the taste and smell the real glory of the Shift. Do you like what you see when you wake up. You look at your body and notice that your fingers are long, your body stronger and that your clothes do not fit or is not sitting on you properly. You look up and see a vibrating energy structure in front of you. And then it starts to take shape. This can be Alvin nine feet in height ** (** approx. Translation. 1 ft = 0.3048 m, ie 2.7 meters). You say, "Oh, God, I have to be drug-induced delusions." Are not under the influence of drugs. You actually see Alvin. They will take a trip back in time to be part of this journey.

If you can, having overcome your need to leave this plane of consciousness to start your conversion. You can stay here and get your new pieces and continue to function. So let go of the feeling that you want to go home. We need you here to be a part of the transition. People will die every day from diseases or accidents, etc. You need not be one of them.

Venus returns

Q: After the Earth will pass through the photon belt — whether the planet in their place? Will there be a science of physics? As we gain knowledge, we have to do our work as domestic and foreign workers portal?

KIRAEL: At one time, Venus was a beautiful planet, the only female of the Light Goddesses. After the transition Venus will return to the form of life, so it will move a bit. The fact that it happens, it was planned. You need not do anything about it. Light Goddesses go to Venus and undock matrix exists there. Other "anchor" of the matrix located on the moon and they will go there also to make it clear. The moon was very dirty. With respect to what you see as physics, without going into detail, the physics change and become 100,000 times better than it is now. As for your willingness to do the work in the portal, you will have three days to prepare for these changes and you will be assisted by invisible forces and galactic peace. Light and information will be downloaded to you at this time. You will have so much knowledge that you will feel it after the exit of the "three days of darkness." You will become smarter, lighter, able to float in the air and do many other supernatural things.

Different roles during the Transition

Question: I feel out of place here in this dimension. What caused this feeling?

KIRAEL: Your reality is more suitable energy after the transition. Your physical body is changing, and you can see the changes, if you look at his body now. When you asked your question, your speech was difficult to understand, because too much power is coming from you over the phone. You galactic presence. By this I do not mean that you are a creature from another planet. I mean, you do not belong to this earthly plane as long until it is "post-transition".

You are already stretching your body and your mind and transfer your focus in this light, trying to deal with what is happening. You — the scientist in your Earthly life, and you are a scientist, an officer from another galactic energy outside the Earth plane. You came here to make the journey, using your power predisposition to science, but the world is not ready for you. In this Great Shift you're one of the most focused energy. This means that you clearly align your energy goes into this journey. You're already there. Just be aware of this.

Q: As the keeper of the Great Shift — you are planting the seeds to create a positive experience during the transition process?

KIRAEL: As the keeper of the Great Shift in Consciousness, I do my best to bring you as much information as possible to help you heal and let go of the fear in preparation for the transition. So, you can say that I'm planting the seeds to create a positive experience of the Shift. I'm not the only one keeper, as you well know. Many have been on this planet for me and many will be here after my leave power.

Q: Is the Creator just a collection of thoughts and whether the transition thought form?

KIRAEL: As the Creator — it is more than a collection of thoughts. What you call the Creator, is pure consciousness, a form of consciousness that is not easy to describe in your language. Also, the transition in the mind — it's more than just a thought form. This consciousness, which will give you the opportunity to understand not only that you have a system of four bodies — the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, but also to understand — how to work with all these bodies.

Work on your Truth

Q: How important is the truth in this journey?

KIRAEL: Truth is the foundation of the Great Shift. Your job, as the Goddess of Truth, to work with people who do not know — what is the truth. This means that you should work on your truth. Journey of the Goddess of truth difficult because you have to learn the truth and to know the truth, in order to interact with people who do not know the truth. If you do not know the truth, then you're lost in the energies of those who do not know the truth. You, as the Light of the Goddess of truth, should be aware that there are those who lie to you and then come up with new language when they are spoken. You're not supposed to call them liars. Many people who lie, do not even know that they are lying. As the Goddess of truth you can not tell them that they are lying, because this is, after that they have to go through this part of their journey. So, do not judge them, and do not call them liars. Those who do not know the truth, to provide services to you. They offer you the opportunity to learn the truth, and the truth and respond in love, no matter what.

More and more people are showing their lies, their lies, coming to a new focus, revolving around them and merging with them. If you are in the truth, then you're in love, but if you're in love, then the truth and nothing but the truth is important to you, your soul. Within this truth of the soul / sole truth is that all you ever wanted to experience. Therefore, do not find fault with the people who are working on their own truth. They want to pass through this way, just as you are.

If you think that someone is telling you the truth, it means you have not learned enough about the truth. You see, everything you hear, everything that is said, will be an element of truth. If someone says to you, "You — the green man," and you do not have anything green, then maybe they see something they do not understand. So, do not get caught on the fact that you're not green. Do not judge what they see. Just listen to it and act on this basis. You have to know how to always get to their own truth. When you get to this point, that you love all in all with whom you come across, you are fully comprehend what it means to be the goddess of truth. You will know the truth, you will recognize that each and everything is your teacher. For you, as for the goddess of truth, your truth is the most important truth of all truths, and even you have to learn this truth.

New reading of your plan / contract in your Signature Cell

Q: After the transition — whether we will have a new contract in our signature cell?

KIRAEL: Signature Cell, which is deep within your pineal gland, no need to change. Instead, it must re-read your contract. Everyone on this plane of consciousness, regardless of whether it passes through the transition or not, has two contracts that are active in the body. All of you have come on this plane of consciousness with a four-contract, which is available now. This contract is woven into your omni brain, which is bound to a local brain. Do you have a weaving of energy going through your mind and come to the place where your higher self is waiting for you. This entanglement with your contract fully projected into a new paradigm. Awareness and understanding of the contract is a powerful force. Suppose you have a friend who does not vibrate in the same space and time as you, and then you think to yourself, "Well, there's something wrong with this person." And, having made such a thought, you were immediately thrown back in your own three-dimensional local brain, and in this case, you say to yourself that you can see the things that you do not know how to deal with. Now, you might think he's a little crazy, but you'll see it in time.

If you want to suggest to others that you have a better way to do something, first ask yourself this. You will realize that it is relevant to your path, not the path of another. Before you begin to say to someone, you can do something better understand — why a person does what he does. Maybe it's because someone asked him to do, and it allows the person who offered it to pass that way. Around you is a lot of things you do not understand. Relax and know that everything is absolutely perfect.

Life After Transition

Q: Will I have an internal employee portal with my children, who are also employees of the internal portal, and when we wake up, once inside, what kind of food we will be there? Do I need to cook it? How will my body? What clothes do I have to be?

KIRAEL: You'll be outside the employee portal. Do you have family and friends that you want to push through portals to the new world, but they will not cooperate with you. You, as an external employee portal, you will help them in the initial stages of the transition. You're going to pass through the portals often to hold people in the fourth light, and then you can check out — as there are your children.

As for the food — you have to prepare, because you get to one level of the fourth dimension. The fact that you are ready, will be different from what you usually cook here. You're going to make are things you do not even think that they can be as good or edible. The food is tasty, and you will eat it slowly. Food will fit in the palm of your hand. You appear saliva in the mouth, because your gut feeling is sharpened. You'll feel like eating comes to your mouth and your senses will be ready, while the food will slowly pass through your esophagus and into the stomach move.

Your new body will start to appear from the first day after "three days of darkness." However, let this not shocking when you wake up on the first day, and apparently looks as if nothing has changed in your body. Upon the expiration of a very small amount of time your body will begin to show signs of change. Your arms, legs and neck will be longer. The last will lengthen your torso. You will not have the hair for some time. As for your clothes — you will have one clothes, and when you take it off for the night, she will be cleared automatically. The material from which the clothes will be made, will be unfamiliar to you, but very durable and useful. You will want to take a shower every day.

Balancing Environment

Q: For those of us who will be sleeping during the "three days of darkness" — will feel a change in our bodies? If we send love and healing Mother Earth, will it help her ease her transition? Is there anything that we can use to balance our environment?

KIRAEL: Just a few of you — a few — will feel it when your body will go through the process of transition during the "three days of darkness." Others of you are going to sleep and not feel it. Many of those who are not part of the world or who have not woken up to this trip will be the processes of change in the body after the transition. As for Mother Earth, my medium lay some things in Signature Cell Healing, which will help you to heal animals and the plan of the Earth. You have to pray for Mother Earth. If she can not get through it, then you have nothing to work. For balancing your environment — you will need a powerful twelve-sided dodecahedron crystal in every room in your home.

Objectives of foreign Workers Portals

Q: I will be outside the employee portal. Please share with us information about foreign workers portals. Will they have any contact with internal staff portals? What will they do outside of portals? How will they react when they get to the third dimension after the transition? What they will be wearing and whether they have a weapon? What kind of work would make foreign workers portals?

KIRAEL: You, as an external employee portals, will not have anything to do with the inner workings of the portal. When you go inside, it will be for you as a vacation after working outside the portals. When you return back to the world outside, in the third dimension, you'll be taken to another level of consciousness. Remember, there are seven levels of consciousness for all here, so that your journey will be relevant to what is happening in the now. You will change the levels of your consciousness, as needed, and you will need to explain it more clearly and emphatically that this Signature Cell Healing.

You will not be wearing the same clothes as domestic workers are portals. Do your clothes are protective qualities and it will not look like your clothes in the third dimension. You will be dressed in attire that will look strange, and people that you need to pass through the portals will not want to wear those clothes that you wear.

You will have some weapons that you really can not understand right now, but you will understand it when you get to the junction. Some of the things that you do, they are not so secure as I would like them to be, but I do not want to talk about it, because some of you will be afraid of puteshestviya.Vneshnie workers portals will hold people which are outside the portal in the third dimension, through the portals in the fourth dimension. When you come out of the portals into the third dimension and dig people from the rubble, you may come across a great scholar, for which, you know, they should bring it to a new dimension, but who does not want to go there. You'll have to find some way to the scientist went to this new journey, because he or she will be an important part of the transition process.

Quite a large percentage of teachers will be outside the portals, because they will not know about the Great Shift. They will understand at a simple level, which means that the transition in consciousness, but still for some time, it will not be packed in their head.

You'll have to sit with them for three or four days, and explain the process of transition. When they understand what you say, you then guide them through the portals inside, where they will continue their journey.

New perspectives on the guides and the Aspects

Question: In the fourth dimension — if I can see and hear the commands of my mentors?

KIRAEL: Yes, you have to interact with a lot of energy, after you go through the transition process. They will be there with you, and you can see them and hear them clearly. You do not have to do their channeling, because they will broadcast their own energy, and you will open towards other energy. If you are a channel and you want to be a medium, to ensure that you're a medium in this new transition — but you will become a medium, when you're ready to be a medium. Now you are a channeler. That's fine, because you're doing channeling the people you meet and you will be welcomed, and with whom you interact in a new dimension.

When you get into the fourth light, channeling will be more successful on those energies that you will spend. You will need to sit quietly and to the energy or power. They will come out of the fifth, sixth and seventh of the world simultaneously, and you'll need to know what to do when you bring them.

Q: What will happen to our aspects during the transition?

KIRAEL: The average person who goes transition, already has two aspects, or on the Earth plane, or in another realm, or a combination of both. Say you have two aspects, one in Africa and one in China. When the transition occurs, your aspects upload your energy into your physical body. You will gain wisdom and knowledge. You'll sleep when this happens, otherwise it would be too powerful for you. These aspects will give you energy at the time, while you're still in the process of the body of the third dimension, but the bulk will be loaded during the "three days of darkness." You will need to adjust to this energy. These aspects will download information, because they have so many things, and you are already behind schedule Transition.

They need to unload up this information because it is very much — all that is contained there. For quite closely approaches the Transition and so you need to know what aspects of your download information within you.

Q: Are the children of our issues as our aspects?

KIRAEL: Do your children will have their own aspects of the journey, but they are also aspects of you. Suppose your aspect — it is the African Queen and her journey — the birth of the child, we are not talking about the grandchildren, namely the children. If the African Queen will be 12 children, each of them will be aspect of you. They will not be fully functional aspects, but they will make the journey, and perhaps will, and can, and will not bring the information to you. I could devote an entire hour of this topic. If you find someone you love, and you have a couple of children, these children are your aspects, but they will not know it.

Healing after transition

Q: What will be the role of Signature Cell Healing after the transition? How doctors will use their education after the transition?

KIRAEL: Signature Cell Healing, which refers to the four bodies, will be a central focusing of healing in the world after the jump. Those who study the Signature Cell Healing, will call doctors Signature Cell Healing, and they will be as respected as your doctor of medicine now. After the transition, the doctors will begin a new journey, which they need to learn now. They will have to learn alternative forms of healing, and somehow incorporate them into their practices. All forms of alternative medicine have a role in the transition process.

Educating Signature Cell Healing, medium teaches how the four bodies of each other, and at the level I and II, it teaches you how to get through three days after the transition. Many people suffer, when wake up, after "three days of darkness", not so much physically, but their minds will be in awe, and they need to heal. You can not be afraid of this journey. Many people will be severely emotionally damaged. Love is the focus of Signature Cell Healing and you will lead them through the journey of healing with love.

Signature Cell healers go into the fourth dimension, and will work with the four bodies. You can see these four bodies and remove the fear of the people. Everything in this third dimension has its opposite. If you have a good day, you expect that you will have a bad day tomorrow. With healing Signature Cell you can go through this journey without fear, and you will have a good day today, tomorrow and every day. Now, what would be your life, when you go into the fourth dimension, because you will not have this process of yin / yang. Start now. You do not have to buy into the yin / yang in the Now. You do not have to wait for a bad day tomorrow, because you had a good day today. You can have a good day every day.

Aid stations to aid in healing

Q: Will there be a temple of peace and healing that will be created by external employees portals where people can come to feel, to experience and to the world?

KIRAEL: You talk about aid stations. One of the areas of my medium will be the creation of these stations with outside portals. Many people will not have the slightest idea that there was a transition. Aid station will help them to focus on themselves and on the changing energies. You must be aware of the four bodies so that you can see your spirit, feel your emotions, your omni brain to hear and feel your physical body, while they raise their vibration to match the trip.

You'll be doing it in these stations by then, you will pass through the portals of the fourth dimension. Aid station will be there for you and only for you to heal your body process. If you feel like going through the body, through the mental body, the emotional, the spiritual, and then, if you feel that all these bodies are connected, then you can easily go into the transition. You look in the mirror and see yourself in your spirit.

Q: What will be the exchange of sexual energy after the transition?

KIRAEL: Sex is an important part of your life in the third dimension, but it will not be so important in the fourth dimension. Women know what I mean. You will have sex in the fourth light. Sexual journey will focus on what you feel. If you were making love in the fourth dimension, you would make love with all four bodies at the same time, and you would know it and feel it at the same time. This would be an orgasm of life. In the Kama Sutra, you can just hold your hand and do not touch the other person, and still feel the sexual energy. It will be like so after the transition.


Many different travel will be available to you after the transition, but fear is not one of them. I have no room for fear in my journey. It's time for you to remove the fear of your trip. Start now. I will stand on the side of the world and this is where you should be. Walk to everything that is light, and I'll be there. You will see.

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