Day of cosmic history. All issues. 9 series. Ether 23. 02. 2013

Film 1.Laboratoriya ancient gods

Why mankind has never met with the civilizations inhabiting other planets? Is such harsh conditions of the experiment called "Earth"?

Movie 2: Hostage Universe

Every year the world lost about two million people! There are those species that can not be explained either by domestic or criminal reasons. Relatives of the victims believe that their loved ones were abducted by aliens …

Movie 3: Guardians stargate

Some researchers argue that the secret of the transition from this world to the parallel is known from ancient times. When and who built the portals to move from one reality to another?

Film 4: Secrets of the murky depths

What's under the ocean? Underwater monsters, mermaids and other strange creatures, something similar to us? Do not under water are hidden portals into parallel worlds? It is possible that the bottom of the ocean for someone is the sky …

Film 5: Time of the Giants

The history of mankind is older than commonly believed. And we — not the first in the world. Who lived on earth before us? Are the Giants?

Film 6: Forever born

German scientists have found genes that prevent aging. Does this mean that you can create a "pill of immortality?"

Film 7: Mistress of national importance

To the heart of the limitless power of monarchs and they went separate ways. For they were deprived of the throne and died. Mistress — more than just a lover …

Film 8: The Seventh Seal Devil

Description: Recent archaeological finds and findings of scientists say that the apocalypse may not be what we think of … Movie 8: The Seventh Seal dyavolaOpisanie: Recent archaeological finds and findings of scientists say that the apocalypse may not be as how we know it …

Film 9: UFO. Secret Files 2

Description: In an unprecedented move recently went secret services of several countries — released classified documents related to "flying saucers." But there are still documents left classified as "Secret", who prefer not to publish …

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