Day of secret stories (many episodes) watch online

Day of secret stories (many episodes) watch online

Deciphering the future. Episode 1

What is sleep? Why Some behold the prophetic dreams, while others say that they never have a dream? ..

Undercover magical herbs. 2 series

Of some plants can make a miracle lechuschee means, others, a deadly poison. What secrets are stored herbalists how to use plants in everyday life?

Code stars. Episode 3

Is there a scientific basis star? And how to become a star? Why Some are working day and night, but even the most expensive PR people are not able to do them though a little known. And quite another to throw aside only a fleeting glance of the crowd? ..

I wish to live forever. Episode 4

Will people live forever? You can specify a set of requirements (gender, external data, talent) to the unborn child? Genetics does not exclude that it may already be in 50 years …

Pyramid — the antenna of the universe. Episode 5

There is a perception that the pyramids — it's not the tombs of the Pharaohs and high-tech devices to communicate with other planets.

Undercover virus destruction. Episode 6

AIDS emerged in the late '70s. Someone thinks AIDS released from a biological weapon, someone — an extraterrestrial virus. But all agree on one thing: AIDS — more than the disease …

Truth Serum. Episode 7

The pharmacological characteristics of drugs that consume security services allow unleash language though what the person. What is it all the same for money? How do they work? Why not introduce the implementation of "truth serum" in the broad practice of law enforcement?

Royal oracles. Episode 8

Despite the strong Orthodox traditions in Russia has always been a very strong mysticism. Next to the autocrats, for example, were often predictors that had a significant impact not only on their own wards, and the course of history …

Lunar people. Episode 9

Guests from outer space, we have long been waiting for, and seriously. We constantly trevozhut questions that this mysterious civilization sending us signals, why UFOs often appear around military installations and why they abduct people, especially ladies? …

Versatile fighter. Episode 10

Universal soldier, not feeling pain and not knowing blandness — on a formula similar superboytsov working science labs many armies in the world.

Company 9. As it was. Episode 11

In 2005 a film version of a novel "9 rota". The whole country has found out the story of the battle for Hill 3234 in Afghanistan. In the story, the movie still alive only one fighter … What in fact ended a bloody battle? As for now the characters live the war in Afghanistan?

Escape from Kandahar. Episode 12

Karate Russian streets. 13 series

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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