Description of the transition to the next dimension

Description of the transition to the next dimension 18/02/2013.

On the planets in our galaxy all usually begins with the fall of the magnetic field, which then becomes unstable. This is followed by the destruction of civilization and the later stages. It takes no more than two years.

The first sign of the beginning of the transition of the world to another dimension is the sharp drop in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is known to science, for two thousand years, since the advent of Jesus, all the time decreases. In the last 500 years is weakening considerably stronger. As we approach the time of transition of the magnetic field does start to go crazy.

Last thirty years, and characteristic changes in the structure of the magnetic field lines. For example birds abandon their usual places of migration.

Later events may develop in several scenarios. Field can roll over, and then swap places. Or reaching zero, the field will restore the same configuration of the poles, but it will have a completely different axis.

Besides that, before entering into another dimension will be other, more subtle energy effects, such as changes Shumannovskoy frequency (main resonance frequency of the Earth), but the most prominent are geomagnetic changes.

The special value of the magnetic field due to its impact on the human brain, when the field strength drops to zero and remains at this point, more than two weeks. According to Russian research, when the astronauts were outside the Earth's geomagnetic field for more than two weeks, they are literally losing my mind. The same thing happened after the fall of Atlantis, when it plunged into the ocean, people lose their memory. Apparently, the earth's magnetism support our memory in a consistent state (! Remember cassette magnetic tape!). In Russia, for example, invented a small device attached to a belt that maintain normal electromagnetic field around the body, when the astronaut is in space. I believe that NASA did the same thing.

Not knowing what was happening, most people are trying to play the familiar images of the old world, the things that they are familiar with. But the new world is so strange that all their fears come to life. They see the long-dead people, events from his past.

Jesus, <… all who draw the sword will die> (Matthew 26:52 ..). But he also said: <Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth> (The Gospel of

Matthew 5:5.), So if you came to the new world with just a thought that is what will manifest around you.

But always remember no matter what happens Perun — <aware damaging light Newerth>.

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