Discovered a group of underwater volcanoes near New Zealand

June 2. A team of scientists from the Wellington returned from an expedition with a message that the data on volcanic activity underwater volcanoes in the Bay of Plenty (New Zealand), are confirmed. According to them, the area should be protected from any kind of activities, such as fishing. One of the hills near the White Island was noted by scholars as volcanic activity. According to them, they found a new hydrothermal vents that create a structure like a chimney. Some of these "ventilation" have a temperature of up to several hundred degrees Celsius.

The tops of seamounts found at a depth of 1 kilometer from the ocean surface. In such circumstances, were also found biological life forms that can survive in high levels of hydrogen sulfide, which is toxic to most forms of life, in conditions of high temperature, high pressure and in the dark. Dr. Clark, who had returned from the expedition, brought with him the first samples of these animals.

In total, 50 underwater volcanoes stretching along the ridge Karmadek. Located in the western Pacific Ocean, a chain of volcanoes stretching almost 1,500 km.

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