Doctors Clinic named Fedorov return eyesight child with a diagnosis of congenital cataract

Intersectoral Research and Technology Complex "Eye Microsurgery" named after Academician Fedorov was 25 years old. On the day of birth of the clinic specialists conducted several operations. Thus, for example, with the help of new technology ophthalmologists replaced darkened lens four year old boy with a diagnosis of "congenital cataract".

As told RIA Novosti mom a little patient Natalia Makarova, since the birth of her son Cyril could see things only in a narrow "corridor". All that was left and right, top and bottom, was covered by a membrane of cataracts. According to doctors, the first impression of a full view of the boys got on the day of the operation, the action will take place as soon as the anesthesia.

"The peculiarity of this operation is that we used a soft lens. He rolls up and through the pinhole surgeon inserts it into the eye through a syringe needle of 1.6 mm. After that, it opens and goes on its optical space, "- told RIA Novosti CEO Hristo Takhchidy complex.

The use of soft artificial implant and reduces the surgical process and the post-operative period. According Takhchidy, namely clinic specialists Fedorov "gift" Russian microsurgical technology. Today, using such methods carried out for about 90% of the country in ophthalmic surgery.

During the existence of IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" here was conducted over 5 million transactions examined some 16 million people.

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