Doctors Hospital of Krasnoyarsk region received art equipment

Physicians Regional Clinical Hospital received a modern diagnostic endoscopy center. Now the study, patients will be carried out by the European standards. 

The complex includes two videogastroskopa allowing explore the upper regions of the gastrointestinal tract, Videocolonoscopes — to diagnose diseases of the lower gastrointestinal tract and Video Bronchoscope, with which you can explore the most accurate pathology of pulmonary system. In addition, the hospital has received equipment for processing, storage and transportation of medical instruments.

The total cost of devices was about 59 million rubles. They purchased the modernization program of health Krasnoyarsk Territory.


The equipment has already been installed and put into operation. "Thanks to the high-definition image, which gives a new technique, doctors have the opportunity to detect early forms of cancer and gastrointestinal tract tracheobronchial tree. In addition, each set is equipped with image capture and documentation of information a unique device that allows physicians to maintain an electronic database of surveys, to form the archive and provide patients and their treating doctors and recording protocols and surveys on any electronic medium ", — explained in the Ministry of Health .

"Every year, experts endoscopy department regional hospitals provide more than 14,500 investigations, including more than 200 operative endoscopic procedures. Today we can say that in the Krasnoyarsk Territory for the first time the full production cycle safety program conducted by endoscopy patients, "- said the head of the regional branch of the endoscopic Hospital Paul Zhegalov.

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