Doctors in St. Petersburg, conducted a unique operation

In St. Petersburg, for a heart transplant 11-year-old girl was used by the donor organ adult. The operation was carried out six weeks ago. Now the child, who recently could not even walk, is satisfactory.

Perhaps never before physical exercise did not cause much excitement. It is difficult to say who is more than happy — girl, who a month ago even could not walk on her own, or doctors.
For the medical history of the patient's disease — the beginning of the modern history of the Russian transplant. At four months, she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. This insidious virus. Day after day, he literally destroyed the heart. At some point, it simply refused to work. When Anya was taken to the intensive care unit, she was already unconscious. The only chance to save the child had surgery to transplant. There is no bank in the country and donors. Sometimes the material for transplantation have to look all over the world, whereas in this case and can not hesitate a minute. Only a rough estimate, about a thousand children each year waiting for their donor. 
"The child was brought to the gurney. Herself She could not walk, could not even do any physical activity. Now you see — this is the usual normal child. Having met her on the street, you would not guess that she underwent such an operation," — says cardiologist Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology, VA Almazova Tatiana Tatarinov.
Heart transplant operation a small child in Russia made the first time. Children transplantation in Russia is prohibited. Only one way out — to go abroad. Bodies of adult kids usually do not fit — the size is not the same. The current case is unique. Surprisingly, to transplant the 11-year-old girl in spite of existing regulations has prompted doctors to self Anino heart. Due to illness, it increased by several times. And only because of this transplant was possible.
"Many a heart child creates an environment creates a cavity, which can be placed on a large, but a healthy heart from a donor who is older than 18 years, of course, other donors, we do not have" — explains the chief cardiac surgeon of the Federal Center of Heart, Blood and Endocrinology VA Almazova Mikhail Gordeev.
The surgery lasted about four hours. It is followed by dozens of cameras. Now, six weeks later, doctors can talk about the success of transplantation. The girl's condition is satisfactory.
The operation — the most simple to the story, say surgeons. Ahead of the most difficult stage of rehabilitation. Every hour of the medication, and on a few pills, exercise therapy. A girl should be under constant supervision of doctors. But the main problem — a complete lack of facilities where there are conditions for the recovery of such patients.
"In the clinic, we can not go, because there are many infectious diseases that we can not contact. Others rehabilitation centers there, and let's say there is another focus of the rehabilitation center where experts can not determine which classes to engage with us," — says Marina problem.
Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Almazov — so far the only medical facility where Anya willing to accept at any time. Doctors worked for her individual system recovery. To get better quickly, the girl with her parents must clearly meet all the requirements of doctors. Much now depends on her own.

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