Dying of hunger after drought flooded Somalia

July 14.In Somalia, drought has brought horrible famine ended torrential rains that caused flooding.

The streets of the city of Hamar Dzhadzhab near the capital, Mogadishu flooded. Machines and people hardly make their way on the roads — the height of the water reaches 30-50 cm

However, children and young people are happy to such a long-awaited rain, splashing in the water in the flooded streets.

But many children and adults not to games — they on the verge of death due to famine, which brought the strongest in the last 60 years of drought.

In the centers of United Nations humanitarian thousands of Somalis, mostly women and children, who could barely stay on their feet from exhaustion.

Some children try to save them from the effects of malnutrition local traditional methods of treatment. Main remedy — is the blood of chicken, which is poured into the patient's mouth.

As reported tochka.net, in Somalia, millions of people die from drought. The drought caused a famine in the country. The situation is complicated by the fact that Somalia is constantly at war, and humanitarian aid is difficult to deliver. For the sake of the Somali people, even the UN is ready to cooperate with the terrorists and radicals.


Flooding in Somalia, 5 people killed

July 15.Three children, and elderly men and women who fled the drought continues in several regions of the country, killed by being caught in a sudden downpour of Mogadishu on Thursday, according to allheadlinenews.com

"These people have died from the cold, as they had to be in the open, without shelter," says the head of the district administration Moalim Abdullah.

Rain made it impossible to move people and vehicles, as well as delivery of humanitarian supplies to the camps, as the roads in the capital were impassable.

"In the last 24 hours due to heavy rain, people could not get out of their homes," added Mohammed Abdikadir, a resident of Mogadishu.


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