Earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred in the area of Lake Baikal

Earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred on Monday morning in the area of Lake Baikal, said Geophysical Survey of RAS.

According to seismologists, the push was recorded 07.27 MSK at coordinates 52.16 degrees north latitude and 106.42 degrees east longitude. This point is located on the eastern shore of the lake in Buryatia, about 80 kilometers north-west of Ulan-Ude.

The depth of the earthquake was 15 kilometers, the estimated intensity of the earthquake was 3 points.

"According to data received from the settlement Elantsy (Olkhon district of Irkutsk region), oschuschaemost earthquake at this point was 3.2 points," — said the duty of Geophysical Service, adding that the information about the earthquake from other communities has been received.

According to the MOE in the Irkutsk region, the victims and destructions.

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