East-Siberian Railway in 2010, 52 locomotives received 5 billion rubles

East-Siberian Railway / East-Siberian Railway, a subsidiary of JSC "Russian Railways" / in 2010 acquired 52 locomotives by 5 billion rubles.

According to a press release from East-Siberian Railway in 2010, East-Siberian Railway locomotive fleet added 21 passenger locomotive series VC-H1 / worth more than 52 million rubles. / And 31 freight locomotives "Ermak" series 3ES5K / worth more than 120 million rubles. /.

 Photo source:ljplus.ru

Now VSZHD has already received 43 new locomotives worth 3.5 billion rubles., Nine — on the way to the park registry. "Ermak" operated in the locomotive depot Vihorevka and electric locomotives for passenger traffic — the locomotive depot Irkutsk.

The acquisition of new rolling stock is held in the framework of the "Strategy for Development of Railway Transport of Russia until 2030."

Passenger locomotives are equipped with modern microprocessor-based system that allows you to drive a car without an assistant: driver gets on the screen information not only about the speed of the train, but also sees the work units of the locomotive. Freight locomotive "Ermak" designed to drive freight trains on the railways, electrified by a single-phase AC power frequency of 50 Hz with a nominal voltage of 25000 V All new vehicles are equipped with a modern sprinkler system and alarm system. The cab is equipped with air conditioner and heater with the regime to maintain the set temperature.

"Russian Railways" plans in 2011-2013. 1250 purchase of locomotives worth more than 112 billion rubles. and up to 2015 fully replace locomotives and cars with expired service life.

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