Eco-hotel misconceptions behind a veil

Since then, both in Europe began to gain momentum popularity of healthy living, the hotel complex there was also the fashion for this title — "eco". In Russia, that few of these hotels. Basically, because of the high cost of its development. Although some progress in this promising area can still be noted. In particular, several new hotels in St. Petersburg and the capital in the projects suggest the presence of several signs of environmental objects.
Question the usefulness of fashion on the eco-friendly does not have to. On the one hand, they are focused on preserving the environment, threatening and longer life of the inhabitants of the region, and the savings on medicines. On the other hand, suggest the use of such hotels in the interior of only natural elements. Which greatly increases the comfort of guests in the self-perception of the rooms. These qualities make the eco-friendly honor and determine their status. Unlike many other hotels that are so often credited without objective justification. These losses is always useful to get rid of at least a Fair truth.
So, one of the most common myths says that living in an ecological hotel will certainly be incredibly expensive. In fact, the combination of the words "eco-hotel" and "expensive" is also true, as a set of "Hotel Moscow cheap." Everyone knows that the Russian capital — one of the most expensive cities in the world and its cheap hotels, even the tiny, can only be called a stretch. And so it is with the eco-gostnitsami. Because they are focused on saving electricity, clean water and minimize pollution of nature, — the cost of their numbers can not be high. Such hotels are minimal equipment, inefficient heating systems and the use of simple architectural forms. Accommodations at this somewhat easier. But the price for living in such conditions is reduced.
Another misconception concerns the location of eco-hotels. Traditionally, it is assumed that with the prefix "eco" can only be complex, situated in a conservation area or park. In fact, eco-hotel is not necessarily built in the woods, in thickets of wild jungle, or simply surrounded by unspoilt nature. This may well be a normal city hotel. Just his administration uses quality water filters, modern sewage system maintenance, minimum technical devices and insulation made of natural materials.

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