Egrets first time in 33 years arrived in Altai Reserve

 Egrets, listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Altai, the first time since 1979, arrived in Altai Reserve, where until then they stopped only twice, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Deputy Director for Science Reserve Svetlana Chukhontsev.

Great Egret different snow-white color and large size. The bird was on the verge of extinction in the early 20th century, when it was carried out widespread hunting, but in the 20s it was listed as endangered with a total ban on hunting her, then the number of herons recovered.

Surprising meeting

According Chukhontsev unexpected meeting, took place during the first phase of research on recreational impacts on protected areas in Altai reserve near the village tract Krivun Yaylyu.

"We came by boat to the shore and saw the four great white heron. Kipelno white, graceful, beautiful, disturbed people, and circled above the natural boundary of the village, to the delight, admiration and pride of the people for the opportunity to touch the beauty of wild nature," — said the interviewee.

According to her, the history Teles lake egrets visited Altai biosphere reserve only three times. The first meeting (one bird flew) occurred in 1974, the second (two birds, one of whom died) — in 1979. And after '33 heron flew again. As noted by the interviewee, in an amount in the Altai Reserve have not seen them.

"It is important to note that it does not nest here, not live, but there are only a span," — she said.

In this case, Chukhontsev noted that while working with environmentalists happened and other interesting meetings with the wildlife reserve.

"So, during the laying of the phenological, ecological educational route cordon Baygazan almost nose to nose (30 meters) encountered a brown bear five to seven years. A cordon Chelyush presented the opportunity to talk with ordinary hedgehog named Yasha, whom Michael Kungurov, state inspector cordon , sheltered in the winter, "- she said.

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