Ejection of plasma on the sun will shine on Mars equatorial

Photo: © SOHO / NASAViolent eruption of plasma on the sun, which occurred on Saturday, in the medium can reach Mars, which will cause strong auroras that can be even at the equator, the website Spaceweather.com.
Coronal mass ejection was observed solar observatory SOHO October 22 at about 16.00 MSK. Flow of plasma ejected by the Sun, was not directed toward Earth, but in the direction of Mars, and is estimated Laboratory of Space Weather Center at NASA's Goddard should reach the red planet on Wednesday.

 Unlike Earth, Mars has no global magnetic field, which is like a cocoon wrapped up the entire planet. Mars only in some places covered with magnetic "umbrellas". When a stream of charged particles reaches of the planet, the magnetic storms occur only where there is a magnetic field.
The data collected by the satellite Mars Global Surveyor in 1990, show that during such storms, the top "umbrella" begin to glow brightly in the ultraviolet range. Such "aurora" on Mars occur where there is a magnetic field, even at the equator, while the Earth can be seen only at the poles.
Many researchers believe that it is the weakness of the magnetic field of Mars has meant that a large part of its atmosphere disappeared under the influence of the solar wind.

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