Emergencies Ministry warns of faults and ice storm in the Kaliningrad region

EMERCOM in Kaliningrad Region residents warned of a coming storm, and the faults of ice on ponds, the press-service management.

"From 31 to February 1 in the area is expected to gain the southwest winds up to 22-24 meters per second, which can lead to cracks and gullies on the ice Curonian and Vistula Lagoon and spin ice from the shore," — said in a statement.

According to management, despite the anomalous cooling in the middle of January, the temperature in the code separate nights dropped to -21 degrees, and the rapid formation of ice thickness of 20 centimeters, the ice is unstable.

"This resulted in the systematic rapid changes in water levels in the rivers of the area associated with the precipitation. Complete the work of destruction and warming (up to 5 degrees), which is observed today. Even when prolonged cold snap February ice this winter will not become stronger. He has an inherent latent defects that make access to it extremely dangerous for any thickness, "- said in a statement.

Rescuers asked anglers to refrain from entering the ice, and are reminded that leaving the ice on vehicles is strictly prohibited in all weather conditions.

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