Entry into the market a new brand of dry building mixtures NORMADA

Ltd. Dry Mortar "BASE" engaged in the production of cement, mortar, concrete, cement blocks, asbestos-cement, announces the launch of the new brand of dry building mixtures NORMADA. The satellite was launched in May 2013.  
The range of modified dry mortar, adhesives, cement, produced by the newest unique recipes, using the most modern technologies.
Dry mixes NORMADA — high quality products at competitive prices! It is distinguished by an interesting and modern packaging design, high quality, wide range. Now you can ship the product tm NORMADA in big bags.
Commercial director of "BASE" Fokine NA commented on the emergence of a new brand NORMADA: «NORMADA — this is a significant contribution to our company in the development of the domestic market for construction materials. To create a new product under the brand name was to attract the best Russian and foreign engineers, who have developed a unique recipe of production. Now every builder, whether professional or amateur, will appreciate the quality, reliability, ease of use and, most importantly, — the availability of dry mixes, cement, adhesives NORMADA. »
Dry Mortar "BASE" was launched in 2009. Its capacity is 500 tons per day. Dry mixes are the main products manufactured by the plant. The company sells mixes for various needs of construction and finishes. The process of production is carefully controlled, eliminated any possibility of the use of any harmful products. The company sells its products certified. The range of adhesives and painting and adhesives, masonry and erecting masonry.
CCC NORMADA already available, it is necessary to calculate the value of the company's managers.
Information about the company
Ltd. Dry Mortar "BASE" produces and sells a variety of mixes, including products peskobeton M300, different brands of cement, plaster and putty, glue silicate blocks, and more. Available own production and manufacturing of leading Russian companies. Official site http://www.tpk-rostan.ru

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