Environmentalists are watching the invasion of bears in the reserve in Kamchatka

The number of brown bears in Kamchatka Kronotsky reserve increased from 950 to 1065 individuals in ten years, moreover, bears lost their fear of people, RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the Reserve Vladimir Mosolov.

"Based on materials from aerial surveys last spring in the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve (Part Kronotsky reserve — ed.) Lives in 1065 bears. During the last aerial census in 2002 counted 950 individuals. Reduction press poaching has led not only to an increase in numbers, but also to the fact that animals tend to be more open, no longer afraid of people panic, it became easier for them to watch "- said Mosolov.

Word of the Mosolov, confirmed and renowned photographer, animal painter Igor Shpilenok. In his blog "Live Journal", he wrote: "Bears everywhere crowds roaming the shallows, swim in the lake, sitting in the bushes. Come from somewhere literally herds. Toptygin here so much I did not meet any of the previous visit! Least rather in the den fit, and then go on such a zoo — not for the faint of heart. "

According to a representative of the reserve Vladimir Mosolov, "openness" bears will benefit the development of ecological tourism in Kamchatka Sanctuary.

Kronotsky Nature Reserve was established in 1934 on the site of existing since 1882 "Sable reserve" in Kronokah for the protection and study of unique natural complexes of Kamchatka. The total area of the reserve is 1.14 million hectares. At the reserve there were 35 falls and eight active volcanoes. Reserve brought international fame such natural phenomena as the Valley of Geysers and caldera caldera.

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