Environmentalists developed an online map of illegal dumping in the Leningrad region

Create an interactive map of illegal landfills in the Leningrad region to begin soon, told reporters on Wednesday, the acting prosecutor of the Leningrad Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Vitaly Dorozhkin.

"We need to highlight an important aspect: the presence of solid waste landfills in the forests. This issue requires immediate action. We will create a map of the area, which will be entered all landfill plan overflights, will be installed on the person who organized the landfill. So we will fight against these violations that forests Leningrad did not turn into a big trash "- said Dorozhkin.

He said that the new interactive map will focus primarily on the total number and area of illegal dumping in the woods. On the map, each landfill will be information on its area, composition and possibly the "author."

"The data is constantly changing — eliminated one dump, immediately there is another. I think once we do it on paper, immediately transfer the card into an electronic format and, most likely, it will be posted on the environmental prosecutor Leningrad. There will always be added new data "- added Dorozhkin.

Concerned area residents will be able to complement their card information, contact the environmental prosecutor. "Hot Line" for applications exists today, it be reported as illegal landfills, and about deforestation, water pollution or disturbances in subsoil, said Acting prosecutor. According to him, the establishment of an interactive map prevents snow.

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