European citizens have counted 5.8 million birds during the days of the census of birds

65 thousand amateur ornithologists participated in the International day birdwatching, which passed over the weekend, according to one of the organizers of the fund BirdLife International (BLI).

In early October, is an active migration of migratory birds in Europe, so this time is timed international days bird watching.

According to the data on the site BirdLife International, the European bird census in 2012, 64.6 thousand took part bird enthusiasts from 33 countries that have managed to gather data on the 5.8 million birds.

As detailed on the website BLI, the most actively involved in the action residents of European Russia. About 37 thousand Russians were watching migratory birds, with most birds — 1.7 million individuals — "spotted" Swedes.

The most numerous are reported professional ornithologists were such typical migratory birds like pigeons, starlings and finches. Bird lovers in southern Europe saw flamingos, northern Europe was able to see the rare birds dlinnoklyuvogo American Dowitcher, Spoon-sinehvostku and Pectoral Sandpiper.

International days of observation of birds have been the twentieth time in the world and in Russia in the eighteenth.

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