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As many already know, I, as the author of "Made in us," went on Seliger, and asked Putin. Announce this trip I did not, because the meaning was in this very question, and I ask him or not was unknown. I myself have a forum Seliger, always treated fairly cool, and the prospect of a trip there took less than enthusiastic. But there was no choice, it was the only way to find out the answer to the question that troubled me for a long time. This question I have repeatedly asked the other: "Why does the government not completely engaged in the promotion of their own achievements. Why federal media does not show the positive side of what is happening in Russia.". Of course, I knew why. But I would not guess, I would like to know for sure.

R.KOVRIGIN:Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich.!

My name is Roman Kovrigin, I am the developer of Internet project "Made in us." We are an online community that decides such an important, complex problem: we are trying to correct the information field, which is created by our media. The fact is that it has such a significant bias towards negative, particularly associated with Russia. Turn on the TV, open a newspaper and you will find out that something was drowned, exploded, dropped, something was stolen, for example.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: And, there is a suggestion or a question?

R.KOVRIGIN: We are committed to publishing is the news that our media do not publish, that is, the opening of new production facilities, the construction of roads, bridges, and so on.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: You will have the unrated edition, unrated. That had not earn.

R.KORIGIN: Perhaps, but the project is quite popular.

My question is: is it time to connect to this state? There are federal media. The idea is that their task is to show the objective side, talk about Russia objectively. No one says you have to hide problems, hush. No, this, too, need to talk. But you have to show, and the second side of the coin.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: First, of course, it's great that there are people like you who are doing it. But I want to note here that. There is a very important thing: if it is done solely for the money of the state and with the help of the government, the credibility of such information will be negligible. That's the whole trick, you know? It is necessary to do so talented, interesting, light people, to attract people to this information and, at the same time to use minimal support from the government, although it is, of course, the sacred cause. What you are doing is holy work. But the more you will receive money from the state, the more you will glue some shortcut and the less confidence in the information that you formulate. Let's think about this together.

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Frankly: The response of Vladimir I am satisfied in full, that's how I understood the logic of power that could, but does not want to influence their own media. That is, such a response is not a surprise to me was, but I wanted to hear it from the President himself. And I heard a clear and unambiguous answer.

Do I agree with this logic? I do not know. On the one hand, all right, really, receiving money from an interested party, you are in fact turning into a lobbyist on this side, that is itself becoming an interested party. The interested party can not a priori be objective and have a neutral judgment. And the casual observer understands treating critically lobbyist. It's all true. Meet on clothes.

On the other hand, I can not accept the obvious implications of this. It turns out that the majority of our citizens are not able to think analytically, are not able to separate the wheat from the chaff, and are guided in their judgment is not the essence, not the facts, not just meet on clothes, but also escorted by their looks, but not in mind. If the first channel, for example, talked about the new and existing plants, of course, at first it is to cause distrust of the "horn of power." But the production is real, and they exist no matter who of them told Channel or the Echo of Moscow. The viewer also has to understand that. Media just a shell, the essence of important information. I like it does not matter who is funding Proceedings, it is important that their content that they provide, is not credible, simply because it is replete with false and unverifiable facts.

Thus, the president's right or not depends primarily on how much a thinking audience for the media in Russia, as far as it is able to think analytically, go beyond the stereotypes and independent thinking.

From the response of Putin I realized one thing — to influence the information policy of the federal media authorities are not going to at least influence it still will not go further than the requirements of "do not go out of the bounds of decency."

Now that sways funding our project, many users who have heard my question, and decided that he had a hidden meaning, they say so I hinted to Mr Putin that it would be good to give money to our project. Stand corrected: perhaps the phrase "it is time to connect to the work of the State" probably should not have to say, it can be understood in two ways. But no hint to help Soong was not in question, for one simple reason: the decision to finance the project made long before this meeting, and has long been the "open secret." More exactly, made only solution is bureaucratic process of obtaining necessary documents, financing itself yet. Actually, the fact that "we have done" is a contender for support was announced a long time ago, and yesterday, despite Putin's response, it is nemerenno confirmed. So ask for money from Putin simply did not make sense. On the contrary, Putin's response made me think, and whether to accept this help, not hurt if the project is not put in jeopardy if his authority. Definitive answer to this question I have so far.

Those who apply for public funding as a freebie fallen from the sky, do not really understand all the problems are coming down in the appendage to the money. I do not know how they have NCO — "foreign agents", who receive grants from abroad, may all a lot easier, but we have a Russian requirements are very stringent. For example, strict financial statements, strict adherence to the estimates, the need for registration of legal entities, which in itself adds a lot of problems over the banal "IP on uproschenke" strict requirement of payments to social funds exclusively from its own revenues, without the use of grant funds. Who better, but for me, not having any experience in the management of a full company is very, very difficult for it all.

On the other hand, this funding will allow the project to the next level. Being social, he will be able to offer the reader more of their own material, reports from the productions, exhibitions and press tours. This is a very expensive part, but also one of the most interesting parts of the project. Well when a trip paid by the host side, although in this case, from Rostov to Moscow and back I go for mine. But in thousands of Russian companies, which would like to tell you a year by dozens of exhibitions, where you can often see the products of our businesses. We would li
ke that to reports from enterprises and exhibitions have been scheduled, the grant will enable it to achieve.

In addition, the grant will allow an advertising company to hire people who are able to accelerate the development of the site itself "Made in us," as long as there is on me, and server administration and programming, and much more related to the technical side of the project, I get by, but another programmer and a sysadmin would not hurt, but on the contrary, would help do the job faster and better.

If someone thinks that the grant gives some tangible personal benefit, he is mistaken, essentially the relatively small salary laid me as a supervisor, will be spent on expenses that are not included in the estimate, the various consumables, equipment, tax payments, etc. . Maybe I'm just inexperienced in making estimates, but these costs I did not find it right there include specifying only the most expensive items that the project itself at this stage will not pull.

But again, doubts about the wisdom of financial support, I was worried before, no euphoria at the prospect was not, on the contrary, it was a painful understanding of the inevitability of side effects: what will outweigh, the undoubted benefits or imminent harm? And Putin's response only added insult to injury. Although work on the preparation of necessary documents is, doubts remain. Can you help me finally decide, the more that that project is not mine, but belongs to the whole community, of which I have the honor to be.

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