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Reuniting with higher collective consciousness is the Angel of the Presence. "Spark" of the human Monad incarnated in parallel worlds as long as the Chalice of Life Monad energize the experience to end. After this the "assembly" and the integration of the experience gathered the whole team of the particles of the Monad, the latest incarnation of the world's people. In the final life man sums up the whole team. Of course, he may not know it, but in situations of life in the trials he appeared as the best and most imperfect, to identify strengths and weakness. Above weaknesses Soul it will work all your life and it will become strong helpers.

Transformation program is complicated by the fact that people do not remember the past, does not know the future. Personality is influenced by the environment. Personal karma man multiplied, as he takes on the part of the karma of his earthly family, if there is a lot of work, and only in the lack of flaw does not happen. The latest incarnation opens Circle of Samsara (the chain of lives) and displays the consciousness to the next level of existence. For every Soul this level reflects the degree of achievement, and it is an indicator of efficiency (K.P.D), it is different for everyone. To some minds it will become a stage on which they push off and ascend to Heaven, for other ends fall into oblivion, no return.

Monad perceives energy loss, failure, "ups", "fall", but received it with the help of "sparks" experience will stay with her forever. On what the quality of the experience, what is the result of a long cycle of evolution depends on its future. If the balance from negative energies pulls, it will not be able to ascend, to go to the higher worlds and start climbing. Ascension involves the complete replacement of the biological human spiritual energy, entering his consciousness in the ray of consciousness and vibration of the Spirit, which coincide with the vibration of consciousness of the Monad, that is, the higher the "I". After full identification is replaced thin bodies and software.

Ascension was previously available only to the abandonment of the physical body, but we went in an era marked by grandiose events, so the ascension became available in the embodied state in the Spirit. When the consciousness of the embodied being reaches monadic level, but should take place before the internal transition to the frequency of vibration inherent in this space.
Such a person becomes perfect for terrestrial worlds. It completes the cycle of evolution on the planet, and begins a new cycle of improvement, with five natural forces.

The way to God

Love and Light — Light of the Light of God, give us the impetus to enter into life,

When passed destiny appointed road, your only way to find him.

It can be hard, rocky, steep in the rise, with no rest and sleep,

With doubt and self-pity, thorny, swift to shower, which blossomed Spring.

Spring Showers — is blossoming desire, directed to the beautiful in others, in itself,

The desire to merge with the Spirit of Truth and the pursuit of all the feeling in the heart of thin depth.

The road of life is never easy, the desire for God, to return home —

This struggle began, hidden veil fine until then, until you hear his voice,

Inside, in the shower. He is gentle and quiet as the sun warms the storm and the storm:

A part of God in us is humbling vortex elements in an instant, if turn to Him.

Through a storm of feelings, emotions and desires him to break hard, thoughts swarm — a barrier,

But those who seek Him will hear in the Way of searching, the end of which we are waiting for a high reward:

The merger with the Spirit, Power, Purity and gaining the lost wisdom of the spiritual,

Memoirs themselves and return home to his father, to the Abode of native, high, stellar!

Ascension and the acquisition of the Supermind

Ascension — the program of substitution of human energy on the energy of the Angels of the Presence. This process can take a different rate. Everything depends on the degree of preparation of a new consciousness to the perception and attitude towards the world. The fewer attachments to the material, the easier it is to rebuild the world. The less human ego (self-esteem), the easier it is to accept the leadership of the higher forces of Light.

The transition from one matrix to the following matrix of consciousness in the higher mental body determines the state of transition in human reality of the Spirit. This means the inner (first) transition connecting the two matrices as a bridge of consciousness, two mental body, the two aspects of the embodied consciousness. The first transition connects embodied consciousness with his top "I". A person can use the information of the two mental levels. The higher the frequency of vibration of consciousness than aspirations to Light thoughts, motives, actions, the more often and the longer it is in the spirit of stay in space.

The lower level of the spiritual space of the Spirit — buddhic plan solar system. Astral and mental planes are divided into upper and lower. Buddhi plan solar energy system is the gradation of quality, as well as all other cosmic plan. Inside it is the division of the octave into overtones in the full range of frequency mode. It is matter, reflecting the quality of the seven states, including the spiritual state of consciousness. However, this is different from the spiritual state of spiritual states of the higher planes of the universe, so the path of ascent to the center, it is constantly improving.

Shift of consciousness from the lower to the upper mental matrix matrix Consciousness means going beyond the limited human mind and start spreading reclaimed energy belonging buddhic Plan. While human consciousness develops energy of the Holy Spirit in the area of higher mental plane, his thin body spiritual master plan of the solar system. The so-called supramental (supermentalnoe) Consciousness — is the consciousness that have mastered the entire space of the mental plane, and having knowledge of both worlds (and the anti-World).

Merging with the Consciousness of solar angels is only after having mastered all levels of the cosmic mental plane. Then the body of Buddhi, Atma and monad merge with the energies of the three angels of the Presence, creating a unified energy field, and one consciousness. Monad has its own mental body, like the body of the Crown of the Supreme Spirit (Logos). Complete replacement of human energies into spiritual energy, full integration of the soul occurs after the transition of consciousness enlightened person on the matrix of consciousness of the Monad. This is the rapture of the Spirit, finding themselves in the higher consciousness "I" (Monad). Along with the internal transition is transpersonal transition of collective intelligence in space. Is access to the Plan of the Logos in the solar system, which is taken up Monad must master seven energy overtones (podluchey).

Exit Consciousness enlightened being on the matrix of Consciousness Crown body means access to the supramental consciousness, but still need to learn the power and knowledge Duhomonady. Only then can we assume that the entity has the Supermind. We must also remember that in the universe there are still higher spiritual space where the mind will continue to develop. In the cosmic plan of creation at every development of space has the mental sub-plane, in which consciousness becomes knowledge and mental activity.

Scheme space plan is too conventional to apply it to the spaces literally. Ascension is the inner solar system, where intelligent being ready to move to the next evolutionary level of mastery of the supramental plane — the mastery of the possibilities of thinking higher mind. Merging with each successive higher "I" consciousness-expanding upward and increases the ability of the Soul Mind. In our solar system, the expression can only be called the Supermind mind solar Logos. Disclosure of the subtle brain of embodiment on the higher planes of spiritual — 100%. There is no polarity, so the Crown body, supplementing the brain operates on a matrix of Consciousness Supermind. Start development of the supramental space in our solar system — on the Plan of Buddhi, the end — on the Plan of the Logos.

Ascension — a stimulus to the development of higher energies. After it receives the crown Monad Spirit body (mental body of the Spirit) in the original, that is not a copy, and the original, because it is a continuation of Duhomonady in translating! Supreme Spirit divides potential twelve monads, but their bodies have a Corona complete information Duhomonady equipment. Development of Supermind is on the Plan until the departure of the Logos, which will be held at the end of the cycle of the solar system. Merger on the path of ascension with Sverhmonadoy completes mental development programs in space multiverse. Further there is the ascension to the next superuniverse, which is closer to the center of the universe. Repeats, but at a higher mental and spiritual levels of space.

Second birth

From the top of the mountain snow falls tired avalanche litter and sweeping all the way,

From the burden of settling, davivshego as yesterday, releasing mountain shoulders, so it was easier to go up

The one who looks forward to the heart of the invisible sun shine, catching a ray of light, so as not to be "attached" to the Earth:
He also left everything behind, not knowing the ways end up rushing to the light, to the pristine purity!

Oh World Heaven, crystal bells ringing, starlight twinkling in the firmament of the day,
As you did not have to drown soulful moan and scream of pain and the severity of the bondage of ignorance!

Climbing the way the earth's cool, is heavy and not easy, but by dropping the pressure of the past, he was released from bondage,
Gain immortality, starting a new life on canvas, drawing light striking, again, like a baby being born!

The soul can be free, united with the Spirit, and in Eternity, beaming ineffable beauty
Again soar to unfathomable heaven, spiritual hearing ear signal to ascend the invisible line.

I will send the Spirit of the Lord, and my thanks for what came next relentlessly, showing
Aspiration to light, the will to live, and patience, love, keep warm and purity of the soul wanting!

Calm and light filled the warm heart, anxiety dissolved in the divine Fire,
Giving Power of Soul Revival in the Father's love life crowning immortality of the spirit at the Altar of the heart!

Life — is happiness, joy of forgiveness, liberation from the shackles of Samsara and snares
Terrestrial worlds, illusions of the Incarnation, the mistakes and suffering, the ascent of the Light!

Reward of God — Light spiritual purity! Love tall, Acts of the Heart — a light footprint
Give us the Renaissance, the testing of complete happiness and strength to fulfill his vow to God!
The emergence of euphoria

Approximation of the last period of the Soul in the planetary worlds reflected in the state of multidimensional organism Monad. All of its particles are aware of when and how much you need to work to gather their crops in the field, plowed and sowed their work. When nearing the period, but the crucial moment has not yet arrived, but increases the joyful anticipation of the holiday, the man in the embodied state, literally in the physical displays of affection, something was happening. He does not know the reason, but it covers a strange wave of elation, expectations of good changes in life. He literally dreaming, dreaming of something unusual, ethereal, in a state of euphoria unknown origin. At this time, all seems fine, people — good and kind, incapable of meanness and deceit. Wants everything and everyone to believe everything and everyone to love and forgive, not paying attention to the fact that in reality it is not so light and good in his life. No worries about the future, though perhaps adult life is just beginning and you need to make the top pick.

How many children in the world of light, caught in this trap of mental emotional! The reason is a comprehensive joy when in the solid "vessel" for the last time man descends Monad. This state as the chain is passed around the collective mind. For a while it seemed dazzled, wearing "rose-colored glasses," is misleading and closes real vision, blocking intuition, making not just a fearless person of destiny, but to some degree frivolous. It can make the wrong choice, rush, make mistakes, because its monadic consciousness do not adequately apply to many that there is on the path, because the mechanism of identification and ego-consciousness of the Monad of not immediately, but after a long adaptation, lasting several months and sometimes — a few years. Knowing that this is the latest incarnation, as it must synthesize all the available experience, prevents long to focus on specific tasks. Yet when the moment comes, the life events occur rapidly, there is a lot of changes. The euphoria passes, attacking working life, as if the sun fades away, taking with them the joy of being.

Children of Light who have reached emotional maturity, it is difficult to account for the last incarnation, each its own difficulties: physical, emotional, in choosing a life and a family. The cause is a complex plan of incarnation. It takes into account the karmic connections and problems of a personal nature. All one needs to succeed in the short human life. Because of the awareness of brief stay on Earth, some souls hurry not to miss a single moment, contributing to the objectives. They seemed to wake up after a long sleep and forced to try to catch up for lost time, and develop incredible activity. They want to know life in all its aspects. John is interested in art, science, religion, human relations in society and in the family. They love to read, travel, explore the unknown, to take risks, because inside there is no fear for his life, and is hidden from the "I" know that there is no death, but there is a change in state of mind.

Behavior of people who have become the embodiment of the Monad, sometimes it seems strange. They are naive, pure in intentions, but often fall into the strange stories of hurt, and they forgive, able to start all over again, as if hoping each time the heavy shocking events begin to write the story of life with a clean slate. Almost all of them — are optimists. This quality makes the character of a deep fall. The most difficult moments in life they overcome as if knew it, it must be so, and then everything will change for the better. Thus, they overcome step by step numerous tests, unaware that pass major test of maturity Soul its highest "I" and the Lord of Life. Through human personality monad transforms ancient experience, honing the skill of working with spiritual wards collective "I". It includes the sense of its body (it is subtle beings) and the collective nature of angels, working with human bodies. His self-existent "I" makes the rapture before the monad descends and then returned with her to his body of manifestation. It was at this time a person can remain in a state of euphoria, because in his inner "I" Road to the world over, but still need to take the last step to identifying and merging with the consciousness of the Monad, because his consciousness — the only part of the consciousness of the Monad. He needs to absorb the remaining particles experience a double-evolving in a different reality in the solar system, as the Monad, descending to the human world, which brought their experience, be sure to use all the possibilities for their transformation. To do this, the person will be offered numerous tests, in which he has to actively participate and make choices, make decisions, and to rethink their actions, to draw conclusions.

Evoke deep thought and form in the man that used to be unnoticed, hidden (spiritual best quality), or they were not yet expressed in relationships. Start going into the private world marks the time of "awakening" the human soul. It is conditional, because soul never sleeps, but in the physical world man's ego often live as if by itself, with no idea of multi-dimensional beings or deliberately ignoring this aspect of himself, not wanting to go into strange and unknown, avoiding dirty tricks and deception. Subtle world, unseen and unknown, often causes anxiety and even fear at the bottom, "I", so the spiritual "I" works with the ego consciousness so as to gradually bring it to a certain knowledge, to teach inner contact, to bring together the two levels of consciousness, and then connect .

The process of connecting two minds, two aspects of the soul is called "awakening." Wakes lower 'I', discovering the mysterious world of the Spirit, knowing herself a part of a greater being. The connection of the upper and lower aspects of the soul is not instantaneous. In some situations, though descended insight, understanding of the causes of the situation, the motives and actions of secret mechanisms of motion of the Soul. Of the many moments of insight develops period called enlightenment. He usually takes the rest of its incarnation, life, because this is no restriction.

In space there is such a thing as the luminosity ratio of the Soul. It reflects the degree of enlightened consciousness, filling existing light of the Spirit. In one world, in the same conditions of existence of people (or other creatures) can have different degrees of enlightenment, because of their "core" (the core consciousness of the Monad) is unique and has an individual code space, which is provided by the potential of the higher 'I' .

— For Shower, no light code, this potential is the same, as it is the result of the energy distribution of the sun. These energies come in their subtle bodies, respectively, for the development of the applied force. Potential equal at birth, and how he is in practice, in life, depends on each individual and consciousness of the Monad, interacting with the wards of sequels. Monad on the higher plane is always provided with all necessary, as in the physical world is a result of a collaborative effort between the two levels of consciousness manifestation.

— Soul with light code that is more potential, because they are the children of members of the upper space civilizations, and some of them were carriers of individual code of higher gods. This gives them the right to use personal reserves of energy in addition to solar. This reserve bank reserves in the energy in the solar system or the Creator Creator for their children who receive special grants from them, but their requirements too high and strong, a parenting plan harder and more varied experience. Embedded in their mental bodies of the time capsule awaken their consciousness in each closing period of great eras to take stock and prepare for ascension.

Euphoria resulting from the descent of the Monad, the state may be misleading, because not yet seen the end result of a long labor, it just means the end of one segment of a long road. What this result, the usual human Monad can not know until the last moment of her stay on Earth. To determine the success or failure of the scales of justice must be based on the outcomes of all crimes committed during the Manvantara.

This makes an impartial judge: for the Children of Light — the Karmic Board, and for people with no light code — biorobots higher luminosity class is determined by the evaluation of the Soul earned by building a special scale. So determined fate of the soul, the final earthly journey.

 Striving for the stars

Reborn like a phoenix from the ashes, leaving the suffering and pain.

Spirit of Light gives clothes, rewarding endeavor will.

I lift up to the clouds above the mountains I soaring on air currents.

Not soul no sorrow, no grief, all remained at the bottom, as if melting

Dark ghost in the light of dawn, heaviness in the sun Sparkles losing.

I live, I breathe, grief household dropping into the abyss, letting the gaze skyward.

How in God's hands, I nezhus, admiring the beauty of the immense.

Stone shall fall from heaven. Life and indulge again nosheyu will fall over.

The Way of Samsara snake turn, tempting and down dethroning,

But the consciousness of the Spirit to break through to heaven, no matter what regardless!

The light of the sun will strengthen the mind, heart is filled with Amrita Bowl,

Soul Wisdom heal the pain, The Way to the Stars leaving open!

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