Exhibition Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Russian developers in the first exhibition "Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" Army demonstrated an exoskeleton robot combat reconnaissance and attack vehicle for special forces.
The first exhibition "Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" was held in Moscow. Domestic manufacturerspresented the latest developmentsmilitary-industrial complex. For example, the exoskeleton — the device raises the capabilities of the person. The system allows you to carry loads of up to 100kg without the use of electric drives.  

"At certain times, the mechanical motion of the knee joints are locked. Thanks to all of the goods which is located on a man lies down on the structure, bypassing the man himself," — explained to RIA Novosti the laboratory to develop the exoskeleton Alexander Formal'skii.

Amongexhibitsspecialized exhibition was presented and a robot scout RURS. It is equipped with four-wheel chassis, on which a set of special equipment and weapons.Robotcan accelerate to 80 km / h Appliances remotely controlled by the operator with a few kilometers or offline.

"There is the possibility of remote control shooting, and have the opportunity to enter the patrol mode when the decision is taken to failure in the automatic mode," — said the representative of the developer of robotic reconnaissance-strike system Vitaly Navodnichy.

RIA Novostihttp://ria.ru/arms/20130820/957530425.html # ixzz2cXrCpbUT(In an interesting video link)

SOU "Buk-M2" with missiles in TPK


"Tiger-M" with a prototype combat module with remote control


Reactive flamethrower TOS — 1 of Pinocchio


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