Experiments Tesla almost destroyed the world?

Even after many decades after the death of Nikola Tesla, the mysterious experiments of this great physicist continues to haunt the minds of scientists and lively debate in the media. In particular, like to observe that the Tunguska event in 1908 was caused by the experiments Tesla.

It is assumed that Tesla through electrical tests can generate a huge power boost.

In support of this hypothesis, it is reported that the alleged at the time, Tesla saw the map of Siberia, including the area in which the explosion occurred, and the time of the experiment immediately preceded the "Tunguska diva."

In the spring of that year, in a letter to the editor "Kew Iork Times" Tesla wrote: "… Even now, my wireless power plants can transform any area of the world to the area uninhabitable …"

In 1996, the forecaster Manfred Dimde suggested that the Tunguska explosion — this impact that wireless power torpedoes, which was done at the time Tesla [Dimde M. "Nostradamus predicts 1997", Moscow, Olympus, 1996, p.175].

In the 2000 version, and sounded in the television A. Gordon. Version supported by the fact that a few months before the explosion, Tesla announced its intention to illuminate the way to the North Pole expedition of the famous traveler R. Pirie. It is noteworthy that on the night of June 30, many observers in Canada and Northern Europe have unusual clouds in the sky is silver, which seemed to pulsate. This sovpadaets eyewitness who observed earlier Tesla's experiments in his laboratory in Colorado Springs. Moreover, in those days, in dozens of settlements in Western Europe and Russia, there was an intense glow of the sky, the night glowing clouds and extremely colorful twilight. By spectral observations made in Germany and England, the glow did not apply to polar auroras.

Somewhat later, in 1914, the inventor of the proposed project on which the globe along with the atmosphere had become a giant lamp. We need only to pass through the upper layers of the atmosphere high frequency current, and they will light. But here's how to do it, Tesla did not explain, but repeatedly claimed that any difficulties in that sees it.

It was his greatest invention — the "World wireless transmission of energy and information." The transmitting station would send electrical energy to any point of the Earth, with the reflection from the ionosphere — the upper atmosphere and the earth itself. Could use it all — ships, airplanes, factories through specific host plant. This system would, by the assurance of the scientist, broadcast to the world time signals, music, drawings, facsimile texts.

All of these facts, of course, increase the advocates of the hypothesis, which states that on June 30, 1908 in the area of the Stony Tunguska River in Siberia, no meteor or comet did not fall, and the explosion — a consequence of the Tesla experiments with transfer of energy over long distances.

What occurred June 30, 1908?

Morning at 7:00 local time, 14 minutes, over a large territory between the rivers of the Lower Tunguska and Lena approximately north-west flying giant ball-car. His flight was accompanied by a sound and light effects and ended with a powerful explosion, followed by a continuous Povaliy taiga. The explosion occurred at about 5-10 kilometers and was followed by a powerful earthquake and the air waves.

TNT equivalent Tunguska (10-40 megatons) is certainly very high. It is like a hydrogen bomb or explosion while thousands of atomic bombs similar to those of the United States have completely destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Local Evenki hunters told of such phenomena as the striker out of the ground water fountain in the Southern swamp, new springs in the area of the river Chamba, about the "burning face water" glowing stones, "dry river", etc.

What are the basic version of the "Tunguska diva"?

The main specific feature of the Tunguska event is its versatility, which led to many versions.

The set of phenomena that occurred during the accident, the preceding and following the accident time, made a version of the collision with a comet most popular. However, in an attempt to bring comet hypothesis in line with all the available facts insurmountable difficulties. Serious problems arise, particularly when trying to interpret the geomagnetic effect caused the Tunguska explosion, estimates of the contribution of the internal energy of the Tunguska meteorite in the overall balance of the explosion mechanism of following the explosion of a forest fire and a number of other factors. The most common in recent hypothesis about the nature of the Tunguska comet does not explain a number of paradoxical circumstances related to the trajectory of the Tunguska cosmic body to the geophysical consequences of the Tunguska catastrophe and generated its biological consequences in the area of the explosion.

These inconsistencies explain the emergence of new attempts to interpret the phenomenology of the Tunguska catastrophe with unconventional positions. For example, the version of antireal discussed the nature of the Tunguska meteorite, it belongs to the relict of superdense matter of the universe, etc. Among the alternative hypotheses to be made here, select the version of the plasmoid and the alien nature of technological disaster.

You should be aware that the explosion of a space body to under-stone Tunguska was the most brilliant, the culmination, but not the only one episode in a complex chain of abnormal natural events that have unfolded in the summer of 1908

It is known that the explosion was preceded by flying over Central Siberia giant daylight fireball, accompanied by extremely powerful sound and light effects. Analysis of the statements of eyewitnesses disaster, whose total number is several hundred, reveals not made clear to the present circumstance, consisting in the fact that the thunderous sounds were observed not only during and after the passage of the car, but before it.

Because observers often were from the area of the projection path in the distance, measured at least tens of kilometers, it is obvious that the reason sounds ballistic wave could not be, since it is able to keep up with the car, but did not overtake him. The only real explanation is due to this fact with powerful electromagnetic phenomena.

Second, the rather strange fact is related to the direction of motion of the body. Analysis of the statements of witnesses, collected in the wake of the events and in the 20's and 30's, led the first research problem (LA Kulik Astapovich Krinov and EL) to the unanimous conclusion that the fireball flying from south to north. However, analysis of vector structure felling forests caused by the shock wave of the Tunguska meteorite, gives the azimuth 114 °, and the field of burn injuries — even 95 °, ie, evidence of movement meteorite nearly from east to west. It should be added that this trend is confirmed by the analysis of the eyewitness, who lived in the time of the events in the upper reaches of the Lower Tunguska.

A current disparity is obvious. Attempts to explain it have been many times and from different perspectives. But seriously can discuss only the version of the man-made nature of the Tunguska cosmic body or the assumption that it was a plasmoid.

A key element in the study of the nature of the Tunguska meteorite is the question of how it was material (elemental and isotopic) composition. Starting with expeditions LA Kulik, search the Tunguska meteorite matter was occupied several generations of researchers. But today, you can say with full responsibility that the cosmic substance which can be guaranteed to be identified with the substance of the Tunguska meteorite, has not been found.

Hypothesis that may explain the plasmoid?

Energy corresponding to the explosion of 30 megatons, can be accumulated in an ionized plasma formation, with its diameter of about 500 meters, which corresponds to witnesses about the huge amount of car.

The trajectory of the plasmoid like ball lightning may change during the journey, which explains the contradictory data on the direction of the car.

Sound and lighting effects caused by the motion of the plasmoid electromagnetic phenomena, which significantly differs from the effects of the ballistic wave and remove the contradictions.

Explosion plasmoid explains the occurrence of fire in the forest.

Electromagnetic phenomena accompanying the movement and the explosion of the plasmoid, obviously, can cause geomagnetic effects, which are not adequately explained in the meteorite version.

Plazmoidnaya version explains the futility of trying to find traces of meteoritic material on the site of the explosion.

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