FAZ has completed production of sections for deck BAF complex THREAD

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Specialists OJSC "Vyborg Shipyard" (FAZ) have completed work on making sections of deck arresting gear unit (BAF), which is an integral part of the training set of threads, currently under construction in the old tells.  

Thus, the press service of the company, the plant in its entirety and in full accordance with the contractual terms of the obligations of the first phase of the agreement, signed in March 2012 with "Proletarian factory" for the production, transportation and installation of metal structures block arresting gear.

The total number of completed sections reaching 112 pieces weighing about 1,100 tons. Currently manufactured sections are prepared for shipment by water transport to the installation site in Yeisk. Part manufactured sections are already on site to carry out all the necessary preparatory work in advance of the arrival of the main parts of structures. THREAD is a special ground training complex of the Russian Navy to simulate the deck of an aircraft carrier. Its main purpose — testing equipment pilots take off / landing on an aircraft carrier.

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