Fighting for St. Joseph's Church continues

The walls of St. Joseph's Church and Monastery bernardintsav continue to take action. People are struggling to make these buildings handed over to the believers, and not turned them into entertainment.

From September to November 2010 the shares were held daily. Before the protesters were well-known Belarusian musicians and writers, there were historical tours and quizzes. Since December meetings were held less frequently. Now activists of various NGOs and the faithful gather outside the church on Monday evening.

Today at 8 pm at the Church and Bernardine Monastery were more than 20 young believers. This is the faithful who came exclusively to religious action — a prayer for the return of the church to have been discontinued operation for the restructuring of the building under an entertainment facility. Believers had a prayer, after joined hands prapeli anthem "Mighty God." And then had a friendly conversation, drinking tea Believers say althought, that this action was not seen as a political as well as religious.

Recently, the appearance of the monastery changed. Knocked plaster from all over the building. Youth activists say that significant changes have occurred within the monument and its territory — there is a full building. Activists say that all calls and requests, which were sent to still the authorities to stop the re-orientation of the monument to the amusement facility, were not successful.

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