Fire put out on Mount Vitosha, a tourist symbols of Sofia

Forest fire occurred on Mount Vitosha, a tourist symbols capital Sofia, said on Monday the local state radio BNR, citing the head of the Sofia-fire Metodieva fire service.

Vitosha is close to Sofia. Located on a mountain on the Balkan Peninsula's oldest national park, which is visited by many tourists in the summer. Furthermore Vitosha known several ski routes are also popular among tourists in Bulgaria.

According to local media reports, the fire broke out the day before, but put it out so far. Fire occurred in remote areas where there is a lot of dead wood. In addition, in areas where the raging flames, recently held a whirlwind and getting there is difficult because of fallen trees.

Now the fire covered about 40-50 acres of forest. According to reports no one was injured.

Currently trying to cope with fire 350 people, of which about 100 — volunteers living in Sofia and the surrounding villages. In busy extinguishing two Mi-17. According to employees of the fire and rescue services in Bulgaria, fighting the flames difficult dry weather, steady from the end of last week in the Balkans.

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