First Man of the Year 2011 in Ukraine is the Russian philanthropist

Winner of the Ukrainian national award for the first time in the 16 years of its existence is recognized as a Russian. They became the founder and director of the Moscow Museum "House of the icon" Igor Vozyakov
In July last year, the Russian businessman and philanthropist donated Ukraine icon of the 16th century, "Protection of the Virgin" brush master Dimitri. Its price is 350,000 euros. The ancient masterpiece he offered to buy in one of the European countries.

Upon examination, however, it became clear that it was the "Cover", who disappeared many years ago from Lviv National Museum. The icon was stolen in 1984, her long search produced no results, and few believed possible return to the shrine. "When I was asked to buy this ancient icon, I immediately turned to experts on the history of Orthodox iconography and art which, having examined it, confirmed that the face is unique iconography — a terrific, safety — a great … And then everything happened as it should have happened "- said Igor Vozyakov in an interview with" Voice of Russia ":

"Nothing is planned in advance. The icon was first bought out, and then decided to give it to Lviv, since it first of all Ukrainian shrine, because the artist who wrote this "covered" for western Ukraine, the same thing for us Andrei Rublev. Icon found her home, she returned to the museum exactly at the spot where there was before. So everything happened as it should have happened. "
For the generous gift of the Russian patron thanked and ordinary people and high officials. However, it was not without malevolence: right-wing politicians have publicly expressed a negative attitude to the donor of Russia. But users of the Internet community immediately rose to his defense. Igor himself Vozyakov reacted calmly to the strange reaction, explaining that there will always be unhappy. More importantly, with great enthusiasm greeted the icon in the transmission Ukrainian side:

"In my opinion, everything was very good and in Kiev and Lviv. Especially if you remember the events in Lviv on May Day celebrations — bad slogans, insults veterans. In our case it was the opposite. The people were very hospitable, friendly — had good words, good conversations, good eyes. "

That citizens of Ukraine Igor Vozyakova awarded its national award, calling him "Man of the Year" in the category "Patron" for him was a complete surprise. Pleasant, of course.

Today is a collector of Russian antiquity busy again. In 2009, through the efforts of the entrepreneur from Holland to Russia have been temporarily brought the only surviving sovereign holy icons, banners of Feodorovsky Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo. It is in front of them prayed Nicholas II and his family in August 1917, when the Romanovs were taken away under arrest in Tobolsk. Royal relics are pearl exhibition "Home icon" in Moscow, Igor Vozyakov since led negotiating with their owner on how to redeem them. And just recently signed an agreement by which the banners will remain in Russia. Amount of the deal has not been disclosed.

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